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2013 Stanley Cup Finals Preview


2013 AFHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview:

Lakehead IceHoles vs. Manhattan Supermen




Game 1 Exclusive Video: Inside Lakehead’s home ice arena during pre-game introduction 


We turn to the fans all around the globe…

Who will win the 2013 AFHL Stanley Cup? Comments below… 


  1. iceholesfan79

    Supermen in the finals are a joke, known fact. They barely have any offense and rode the backs of ridiculous goalies. Regardless, this is going to be an amazing series because it’s basically great offense vs. great goaltending. Lakehead wins 7-5


    Supermen are the more physical team and will take it to the Iceholes like they did to the Vipers and the vipers got intimidated…Goaltenders can steal a cup…also dont forget the supermen already beat the iceholes 7-3 once this year

  3. jayrob

    Lakehead is favoured for obvious reasons. Manhattan is going to be torched when they take penalties, and I get the feeling they will be taking a few against a puck possession team. but it won’t be a shock to anyone who follows hockey if Manhattan comes out on top.

  4. FreddyKruger

    I can’t wait til puck drop. Crazy good offense versus crazy good goaltending. Tonight will be the “feeling out”game. So I expect this one to be a slow at the beginning

  5. playboi

    -Take off work early, check.
    -Stock fridge with beer, check.
    -Tell wife and kids not to bother Daddy tonight, check.
    -Clean out the bubbler, check.


  6. ERIC

    Huge Firestorm fan here, but I’ve always liked the Iceholes as my 2nd team. So besides that being the reason why I want them to win, others are that it’ll be their first. They have such a good team and have been playing great enough to do it. I’m hoping this great play is still with them. Go Lakehead!!!!!

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