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2014 Playoffs Preview :: The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League

2014 Playoffs Preview


2014 AFHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview


TSN Panel Makes AFHL Playoffs Predictions

March 17th, 2014

Playoff time is here again and TSN’s panel of experts weighed in with their first round predictions.




James Duthie: 

Bob McKenzie:

Mike Milbury:

Darren Pang:



James Duthie: 

Bob McKenzie: 

Mike Milbury:  


Darren Pang: 




James Duthie:

Bob McKenzie:

Mike Milbury:

Darren Pang:



James Duthie:

Bob McKenzie:

Mike Milbury:

Darren Pang:


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  1. iceholesfan79 says:

    The Ice Holes are going to own the Warriors this series. What, about “playoffs” and “warriors”, don’t we all already understand by now?!

  2. BenHolt24 says:

    I can’t believe Panger has the mustangs winning. the red devils have been dominating all year long

  3. ERIC says:

    predictions come and go, but the playoff series i hope to see this year is red devils vs. ice holes thats been the best rivalry in the A

  4. GoFlyers says:

    Who cares what the experts say? Every team has a chance to win a series or more in the playoffs. I would love to see the Ice Holes vs. Red Devils / Carbone vs. Briggs the two biggest trash talkers in AFHL history it would be an epic playoff series

  5. jayrob says:

    Dude the xtreme are going to freakin Crush the vipers. This year’s vipers are no were near as tough as last year’s team and the xtreme are cruising right now with their first ever playoff berth, much better team than they were a year ago xtreme wins 9-2 im calling it

  6. playboi says:

    I like the Phantoms. They may be able to get to Rask who sometimes crumbles when things start to go bad. To be fair they gotta turn it into a shootout. Think Wolfpack are a more complete team by a long shot but the Phantoms have a great offense.

  7. Stammer7 says:

    Red Devils literally have the team and skill to destroy everybody there is no way any team can beat them in a playoff series this year, not even North Bay (who won’t get to the cup anyway)

  8. dave3654 says:

    Not saying it will happen, but I wouldn’t count the Mustangs out. This is a scrappy team that has proven they can beat anyone. I would love a 7 close series. Even if they lose, if they give the Red Devils a scare then this team has a lot going for them going into next season.

  9. London GM Matt Plachta says:

    London, Washington, Northbay & Victoria. Yeah I’m picking my team to be the only upset. It’s not about the better team its about who’s hotter at the moment. Each team I picked is on the longer winning streak.

  10. dave3654 says:

    the vipers will own the xtreme

  11. playboi says:

    Red Devils and Warriors are hands down the best teams in this crazy season but…. how much gas is left in the tank for these two teams or any other teams involved. Playoff hockey is pressure jacked up 3 fold with heavy hitting and damn tired players where injuries could be instrumental in determining the cup contenders. I for one wouldn’t be surprised if the xtreme, mustangs, iceholes any team other than the two best teams are in the final for the cup. This has not been a normal year and expect the playoffs to be no different

  12. iceholesfan79 says:

    I guarantee that the red devils and warriors will be golfing in next week!!! watch and learn people!! watch and learn

  13. ScubaSteve says:

    Im going with Xtreme and Red Devils in the final. Torontos depth is going to carry them far. And the Xtreme are going to shock the world and win the cup

  14. BenHolt24 says:

    Toronto has the most balanced team with all 4 lines running. They aren’t the most physical but have the puck the majority of the time and wear teams with speed. North Bay and Lakehead will be a war and a toss up. Montreal could be the upset this year especially if Luongo outplays Price

  15. Buffalo GM Daryn Beckman says:

    hopefully I have a performance like last week where niemi was outstanding! Took down the devils but his team is ridiculous . All these teams are great it should definitely a playoff for the ages. I friggen hate the bruins I hope thu suck it up this week since my opponent owns 46% of their roster

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