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2016 AFHL Playoffs Preview


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Fans Around the World Prepare for AFHL Playoff Festivities

March 21st, 2016

During the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs, fans around the world are preparing to participate in several activities to kick off the postseason.


Teams are encouraging their fans to participate in one of hockey’s most visible traditions – the playoff beard. The AFHL Beard-a-thon® is an opportunity for fans to grow their own beard while raising money for charity.

Fans may elect to grow a beard themselves or make a financial donation in support of a player or a fan who has elected to grow a playoff beard.

Confirmed beard-growers include Manhattan coach Tony Furino, Deer Park goaltender Jonathan Quick, Victoria forward Alex Ovechkin, Toronto defenseman Brent Burns, Atlantic City forward Patrick Kane, and Hamilton forward Steven Stamkos.

Download the official app to enroll in the 2016 AFHL Beard-a-thon®. The app allows growers and supporters to sign up, create a profile, post beard picture updates, view their donation leaderboard and promote their cause on social media. All donations for the AFHL Beard-A-Thon are tax deductible.

A prize will be awarded each round for the leader, and the overall leader will receive a team signed jersey.

Official Team Viewing Parties

Fans are encouraged to attend their favorite team’s viewing parties during each game of the playoffs. Go to your team’s website to find out official locations. Most parties are expected to offer fans opportunities to win autographed prizes.

School Playoff Pep Rallies

Teams such as the Atlantic City Sharks will host pep rallies at local schools during each round of the playoffs while school is in session. Principals, teachers and students are encouraged to get their schools involved by making signs, posters and videos to show their team spirit.

Students in Atlantic City will have the opportunity to play in a street hockey scrimmage, participate in an accuracy shot station, take a photo with mascot Sharky, engage in goalie shootout with their teacher and take part in a stickhandling station. All participants will leave the Pep Rally with a Sharks playoff T-shirt.

Rock the Team Color

Fans attending lives games during the playoffs have been encouraged to wear the color of their favorite team to the game.

The Toronto Red Devils have asked their fans participate in “Rock the Red” where every home game the arena will fill up with fans wearing the color red. Alternatively, the San Diego Gulls will ask their fans to participate in a “Whiteout” during one of their playoff games in the opening round versus the Vipers.

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