2021 Trade Deadline



The AFHL Trade Deadline




Deadline is at 9pm EST Tonight!!!


Welcome to 2021 AFHL Trade Deadline day. After weeks of speculation and reports, AFHL teams face a 9 p.m. ET deadline to make moves that will put them in better position for a Stanley Cup Playoff run or help build for the future. TheAFHL.com will have coverage all day long by Pierre LeBrun, Barry Melrose, and Bob McKenzie who is at TSN’s studios for Tradecentre.


10:00 am Bob McKenzie: Hey everybody! The most dramatic day of the season has arrived!!!

10:07 am Barry Melrose: Deadline Day is here!! Let the fun begin…

10:14 am Pierre LeBrun: Lots of big names on the block. Rumors are flying. I have a source telling me Fort Drum and Manhattan agreed to a blockbuster deal late last night and they have been working on the paperwork all morning. Wonder who is involved.

10:28 am Barry Melrose: Pierre, I just received a text from Fort Drum GM Steve Stryska: Confirmed – Big deal in place with Manhattan. Announcing shortly.

10:40 am Bob McKenzie: As Pierre had mentioned there are a lot of big names on the trading block today which includes Leon Draisitl in Shawinigan, Patric Hornqvist in Vancouver, and Evgeni Malkin in Moncton.

10:45 am Pierre LeBrun: Source telling me it is taking a while to finalize the trade but Semyon Varlamov is 100% heading to Manhattan. 

10:52 am Barry Melrose: The deal has been announced. First trade of the day is a big one. Fort Drum sends Semyon Varlamov, Christian Fischer, and a 2023 first to Manhattan for Anthony Beauvillier, forward prospect Mavrik Bourque, goaltending prospects Dryden McKay and Alexei Melnichuk.

10:59 am Bob McKenzie: Talk about some fireworks in the morning. Wow. Explosive deal like that sets the stage for what should be a very busy day. 

11:01 am Barry Melrose: Manhattan now has FIVE starting goalies. That is one too many goalies. Would not be surprised if Furino ships one out.

11:03 am Bob McKenzie: Comox Valley has announced Brent Burns is OTB.

11:40 am Pierre LeBrun: Just spoke on the phone to Deer Park GM Mike Nellany. He said he is looking to shake up his roster today. He wants to ship out Mike Smith who is performing very well this year and would like to acquire a younger goalie. All of his prospects and draft picks are available.

12:05 pm Barry Melrose: Washington and Port Hope are working to finalize a trade for Tyler Seguin.

12:15 pm Barry Melrose: Seguin, one of the biggest names in the league, is on his way to Port Hope along with Ryan Strome. Defensemen Jacob Trouba and Shea Theodore are headed to Washington in the return.

12:25 pm Bob McKenzie: Yep Seguin to Port Hope is official. Interesting that the first two trades are big ones that have been made between four GMs who are best friends in real life. 

2:10 pm Barry Melrose: Bizarre turn of events here on Deadline Day. The Varlamov trade to Manhattan was vetoed by the Trade Review Committee. The League Commissioner / Manhattan GM Tony Furino flipped out and said he was quitting the league.

2:12 pm Barry Melrose: According to Furino’s assistant when he flipped out he grabbed a baseball bat and smashed his office window out of frustration and anger. 

2:15 pm Barry Melrose: I just spoke with Furino and he said his wild reaction was uncalled for and he let his emotions get the best of him. He has decided to “accept the veto in an effort to focus and accomplish certain things today” because he wants to win the Cup this year but he is certainly not happy with the veto and believes it was poorly handled. He added he “cannot waste any more time on it” and is happy to keep a top forward for his Cup run and he may use those bluechip prospects in a different trade. When asked about the future with the league he replied “no comment”.

2:27 pm Pierre LeBrun: Seems like Furino needs time to process what happened today as there is a lot to unpack with multiple parties involved. Either way let’s try to switch focus and enjoy the rest of this Deadline Day.

2:31 pm Bob McKenzie: Agreed!

2:35 pm Bob McKenzie: Washington makes their second trade of the day. Nick Jensen and Jaden Schwartz to Comox Valley for Brent Burns and Ryan Suter.

3:27 pm Barry Melrose: Vancouver sends David Krejci and a 2023 Third Round Pick to Comox Valley for Ridley Greig, 2022 Third Round Pick, and 2023 Second Round Pick.

6:00 pm Bob McKenzie: Three more hours until the deadline!

6:50 pm Barry Melrose: Hearing Claude Giroux played his last game as a Mustang.

7:01 pm Barry Melrose: Confirmed. Giroux is on his way back to the Manhattan Supermen along with Evgeni Malkin and Shea Weber.

7:05 pm Barry Melrose: London to receive Anders Lee, Alex Pietrangelo, Oliver Wahlstrom, and goaltending prospect Logan Thompson in the return.

7:32 pm Bob McKenzie: Not many trades up until this point with almost an hour to go. What I have been hearing from several GMs is that there are way too many buyers this year and not enough sellers probably because of the shortened season. Lots of teams still in the playoff race right now putting a cramp on the market.

8:00 pm Pierre LeBrun: One hour until the deadline!! Talks are really starting to pick up!!

8:01 pm Barry Melrose: The Shawinigan Vikings have just traded Leon Draisitl!!! 

8:10 pm Pierre LeBrun: Big return on Draisitl – 2021 first round pick expected to be a top three pick, 2022 first round pick, Tolvanen, Kapanen, and Jack Quinn.

8:45 pm Bob McKenzie: Talks are intense right now!!!

8:48 pm Barry Melrose: Manhattan sends a 2022 3rd rounder to Fort Drum for Christian Fischer.

9:05 pm Pierre LeBrun: The trade deadline has passed.

9:07 pm <

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