2022 AFHL Trade Deadline


2022 AFHL Trade Deadline




The Deadline is @ 8pm EST Tonight!!!


February 6th, 2022

Logan Couture, Alex DeBrincat, Sidney Crosby – There are some big names rumored to be in play this year, which should make for a very interesting deadline day. TheAFHL.com and TSN will be following all of the trades today and providing some analysis of the deals as they happen. And we’ll hear lots from Pierre LeBrun, Barry Melrose, and Bob McKenzie who is at TSN’s studios for Tradecentre.

So, feel free to stay on the page and refresh for updates, which begin below:

11:35 am  Bob McKenzie: Hey everybody! Happy Trade Deadline Day!!

11:41 am  Barry Melrose: I’m predicting 20 to 25 trades today. Lots of teams are still in on Couture. Not sure if a deal will get done though.

11:45 am  Pierre LeBrun: Keep an eye on the Antigonish X-Men today. They are hungry to make a big deal. I’m hearing they called Manhattan about Couture.

11:58 am  Bob McKenzie: Boston Giants are having their best season in franchise history. Currently occupying the 6th seed. Will GM Mike Phelan strike big for the Giants? Or will he hesitate to part with his top prospects and picks for smaller deals?

12:03 pm  Barry Melrose: Just got a text from Fort Drum GM Steve Stryska and he said the “Killers are open for business”.

12:35 pm  Pierre LeBrun: AFHL Commissioner is preaching patience on Deadline Day. Says history tells us this will be a busy day with lots of trades. “Takes some time to warm up the engines.”

12:46 pm  Barry Melrose: Yeah, lots of guys tend to hold their cards close to their chest in the first half of the day.

1:03 pm  Bob McKenzie: Wonder what the Buffalo Phantoms will do today. They’re in the playoff race this year. GM Daryn Beckman was talking like Shawinigan is running away with the title this year but maybe he forgot the Vikings have been the top team for the last three of four years and a team always manages to beat them in the playoffs.

1:05 pm  Pierre LeBrun: All it takes is one week of bad goaltending for the Vikings to lose.

2:16 pm  Barry Melrose: Hearing Laval and Manhattan are nearing a deal that would send Reilly Smith to the Nomads…

3:13 pm  Bob McKenzie: Five more hours until the deadline and no trades yet. Seems like we are in a little bit of a holding pattern here. Lots of teams talking but nothing official.

3:49 pm  Barry Melrose: First trade of the day is finally made. Manhattan sends Keegan Kolesar to Laval for a 2022 3rd Round Pick and Vinni Lettieri.

4:45 pm  Pierre LeBrun: Manhattan has also dealt Evan Rodrigues to Long Beach for a 2023 2nd Round Pick.

5:29 pm  Barry Melrose: Antigonish has announced Lars Eller is available for a draft pick.

5:45 pm  Bob McKenzie: Hearing talks are really starting to heat up between Manhattan and Buffalo.

5:59 pm  Barry Melrose: Source telling me the Buffalo Phantoms have won the Logan Couture Sweepstakes.

6:16 pm  Barry Melrose: Couture deal is confirmed. Manhattan sends Couture, Toews, and William Karlsson to Buffalo for Kappo Kakko, Liam Foudy, and two 2nd Round Picks.

6:31 pm  Pierre LeBrun: Apparently Vikings GM Phil Svoboda is working on a three way trade involving Alex DeBrincat.

6:35 pm  Pierre LeBrun: Text from Svoboda: “Three way deal is done. Just figuring out paperwork.”

6:48 pm  Bob McKenzie: Just got off the phone with Antigonish GM Pat McKenna. He said it has been a frustrating day so far because he was late to the trading table but he is looking for players that will help the X-Men keep up in the playoff race. He is getting lots of offers but mostly low-ball offers.

7:05 pm  Barry Melrose: The Three Way Trade is official. Shawinigan sends DeBrincat to Long Beach. Long Beach sends DeAngelo to Shawinigan and Evan Bouchard and a 2nd Round Pick to Vancouver. Vancouver sends Evander Kane to Shawinigan.

7:07 pm  Pierre LeBrun: Wow!! That is a really good trade for all teams involved. Nicely done everyone.

7:18 pm  Bob McKenzie: Buffalo GM Daryn Beckman strikes again. Robby Fabbri and Egor Sokolov to Antigonish for Alex Tuch and Brett Murray.

7:20 pm  Barry Melrose: Phones are ringing off the hook around the league right now with less than one hour to go!!

8:00 pm  Bob McKenzie: AFHL Commissioner has announced the Trade Deadline has been extended by one hour!!

8:20 pm  Bob McKenzie: There was a flurry of deals in the final 20 minutes. Since the extension it has calmed down but it should ramp back up soon. Lots of guys probably resetting and reassessing their current situations. Time to get back at it.

9:00 pm  Barry Melrose: The Trade Deadline has passed. Lots of deals in the final two hours. Too many to report here. Just like in previous years, we are absolutely wiped at this point in the night and too tired to write them up now. Have

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