Building a Dynasty


Building a Dynasty and Raising Another Banner!!

Gulls Begin Quest for Three-Peat Tonight

October 3rd, 2018

The parade celebrating the San Diego Gulls’ second straight Stanley Cup was still raging on that hot afternoon in mid-May when Lucas Main decided it was time to up the ante.

Sure, becoming the first back-to-back Cup winners in AFHL history is historic. Still, it’s just two. Three straight? Well, that’s something else entirely. And the man whose arrival in September 2012 coincided with San Diego’s ascendance to the top of the AFHL knew it.

So the GM/Coach with the innate ability to calibrate a roster stuffed with an eclectic mix of generational offensive talent, relentless young legs and just enough tenacity figured it was time to set the bar for 2018-19.

“I wonder if we can repeat, if we can ‘three-peat,'” Lucas said.

Only he wasn’t wondering. He was challenging Evgeni Malkin, Nikita Kucherov, John Gibson and the rest of the core that has a chance to win three consecutive Cups to cement themselves as the greatest fantasy hockey dynasty team possibly of all time.

And the message rang through loud and clear. The way Lucas’ captain Ryan Kesler figures it, facing that kind of internal pressure sure beats the opposite, even if Kesler isn’t quite ready to start thinking about three-peat.

“The banner raising and the highlight videos they do should inspire us tonight,” Kesler said. “For me, it will be a real remembrance that it’s all worth it. All the sacrifice and the commitment that you make to try to achieve the ultimate goal is worth it. And we’ve got a group that’s capable.”

Winning three straight championships in the most competitive dynasty league in all of fantasy sports will very difficult to accomplish. But oddsmakers have made San Diego the early favorite. The Gulls insist they’re focusing on the opener Wednesday night against Cape Breton. Worrying about becoming the greatest dynasty in all of fantasy sports is at the bottom of the list of their concerns.

“Just let the historical chips fall where they may,” Lucas Main said.

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  1. skates89 says:

    Great article as always anthony..Congrats again lucas and best of luck to everyone this season

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