Chiefs and Red Devils renew hostilities in Week 10 matchup


Chiefs and Red Devils renew hostilities in Week 10 matchup




The Deer Park-Toronto rivalry is one of the oldest in the AFHL.

December 10th, 2013

Deer Park Chiefs GM Mike Nellany won the Best Trash Talker award in 2010 and 2011. Toronto Red Devils GM Jordan Carbone won the Best Trash Talker award in 2012 and 2013. Their matchup this week should go a long way in determining the winner of this season’s Best Trash Talker award.

“He’s always finding ways to take shots at me,” Carbone said of Nellany after a Red Devils practice on Tuesday morning. “I remember last year he posted a poll on the Yahoo Message Board asking the league if I was a homo. Things like that make me laugh but what ticks me off is when he makes it personal.”

One of the personal comments Carbone is referring to is when Nellany posted the following about Carbone’s mother on the message board  last year:

“And as for your mother, I told you if you’re not happy with the blow jobs she is giving you, you will need to have a set of Home Depot Cum Gutters installed around her head. I’ll admit I had a terrible time keeping her head straight as I was hammering them in but after a few loads and a knee to her head, she came to her senses and let me bang away. She has not missed a drop since and isn’t half as messy now.”

Red Devils defenseman Erik Karlsson described the comment in one word: distasteful.

“There is plenty of hatred, and I say that as a rivalry, on both sides,” Karlsson said. “It really is deep down where you are, and how you feel. Right now I don’t like Nellany and I don’t like Chiefs.”

Their matchup this week may not be a playoff series but it will feel like one.  New Red Devils goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury said he’s expecting a matchup that’s not just filled with ugly fights and dirty hits, but also a war of words and trash talk that is downright disrespectful.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of it in person, and to feel it, because you see it on TV and you know the history,” said Fleury who is having a very good first season with the Red Devils. “All games are fun to play in, but it’s fun to play in the ones that have a little bit more on the line with that rivalry there.”

As time passes, the faces may change but the emotion embedded in this long-standing rivalry never does.

“It’s special,” Nellany told the media on Monday night. “If you can’t get up for the Toronto Red Devils, you’re probably in the wrong business. This week will be fun.”

A new chapter of the Chiefs-Red Devils history is about to get underway. 





North Bay Warriors GM Mike Brunetta is happy with his team’s performance this season. “I am very pleased with my team’s progress so far this year considering the retooling I did in the past offseason.”

Tyler Seguin scored a hat trick and an assist in his first game for the Montreal Xtreme. GM Keith Cancilla thinks his squad has a lot of skill supported by great goaltending and it won’t be long until they play to early season expectations as a Top Five team in the league.

San Diego Gulls forward Tyler Kennedy has recently given up his “A” to Gulls defenseman Jared Cowen. Kennedy says, “I’ve seen Cowen  mature a lot this season. He understands the business side of the game and knows that to get to the good times, we have to go through the bad together.” Kennedy, one of the few veterans on the squad, has been in the middle of trade rumors and may be getting ready to leave the team.

The London Mustangs have been shopping their goaltenders around the league.  All eyes are looking at Tim Thomas as the one who is going to make a change of location.

Ottawa Knights GM Ryan Armstrong continues to preach patience to Knights fans. “Patience is the key to a successful rebuild. Our organization believes we have the pieces in place to become a contender in this league, it’s just a matter of development and experience for the young players.”

The arch rivaled Toronto Red Devils handed the Lakehead Ice Holes their first loss of the season. In a span of two weeks, the Ice Holes fell from first to fifth place as a result.

The Victoria Vipers are currently the top team in the league with an overall record of 68-26-14.

The Toronto Red Devils lead the league in goals scored with 151.

Vipers forward Alex Ovechkin is the top goal scorer in the league with 22 goals to his name.

The Toronto Red Devils lead the league in points scored with 375.

Buffalo Phantoms forward Sidney Crosby is the league leader in points scored with 43. Evgeni Malkin (Boston) trails Crosby by five points with 38.

Red Devils defenseman Erik Karlsson continues to lead all defensemen in points scored with 29.

Boston goaltender Josh Harding is still the top ranked goalie in the league. He has racked up a total of 16  wins, a 1.50 GAA, .938 SV%, and 3 shutouts.

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