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Draft Details :: The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League

Draft Details



The AFHL will hold their league draft on Wednesday, August 5th at 8 pm eastern time >> SAVE THE DATE! MARK YOUR CALENDAR! PUT IT IN YOUR PHONE!


To attend/participate in the draft, you must have Yahoo Instant Messenger installed on your computer. With Yahoo Instant Messenger we will have the actual draft in a Yahoo Chat Room. If you do not have Yahoo Instant Messenger then you can download it here:

Free Download Yahoo Instant Messenger

Once downloaded, make sure you add islander3788 (me) to your contacts and I will send you the invitation to join the draft/chat room.

Everyone is expected to arrive at the draft (in the Yahoo Chat Room) 20 minutes early for the Roll Call, announcements, clarifications, etc. 20 minutes early means arrive at 7:40 pm eastern time.

*Each team will draft 23 players. That means the draft will be 23 Rounds long. Each team will have FIVE minutes (OTC – On The Clock) to make their pick.

For example, when it’s your turn to pick, I will send you a private instant message and say “OTC”. Starting that very second you are On The Clock and you have 5 minutes to give me your draft pick. Once you give me your pick, (I first check to make sure that player has not yet been drafted), I will announce your pick in the Chat Room.

20 teams, 23 rounds, 5 minutes to pick = 115 minutes

The Draft is expected to be 2-3 HOURS LONG
So make sure you will be available to draft players from 8 pm-11 pm eastern time on Wednesday August 5th

*It is strongly recommended that you PREPARE A LIST OF PLAYERS IN ADVANCE (in case of an emergency, you cannot get to the computer in time, etc.)

If you cannot attend the draft, then you must send an email with your List of Players to me at acfurino@yahoo.com and I will draft the first player available closest to the top of your list.

If you cannot use a computer but you can use a phone, then simply notify me via email and we will figure out a way to make your picks over the phone.

*For those who do not attend the draft without notifying me ahead of time via email or phone, I will auto-pick the players for that team. Meaning I will draft the first available player with the most points scored on the NHL’s leader list from the 08-09 season.
**I will also strip that person of his franchise. A no-show with no notification and no list will LOSE (FORFEIT) THEIR FRANCHISE.
I already have a huge waiting list of people who want to get into this league, so that means EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE.

Other Notes:
– The draft style will be a Snake Draft.
In a snake draft, the first round is drafted in order. In the second
round, the draft order is reversed so that the manager who made the
last pick in the first round gets the first pick in the second round.
The order is reversed at the end of each round so that the manager with
the first overall pick does not maintain this advantage in every round.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, then feel free to email or call me at any time.

See you at the draft and HAVE FUN!

Anthony (AFHL Commissioner)

All League Roster Positions:

Center: 3
Left Wing: 3
Right Wing: 3
Defenseman: 4
Goaltender: 1
Utility (non-goalie): 1

+ 8 Bench Players

*23 Player Roster*

Statistical Categories:

Forwards/Defensemen: Goals;
Powerplay Points;
Shorthanded Points; 
Game-Winning Goals
Goaltending: Wins;
Saves Made;
Goals-Against Average;
Save Percentage
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The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League (AFHL) is a lifetime keeper fantasy hockey league that consists of 20 franchised teams, of which 10 are located in Canada, and 10 are located in the United States. The AFHL is in no way shape or form affiliated with the NHL or the NHLPA and all teams logos and players names are their property.