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    -The Draft Order is based on the League Standings and the players eligible to be drafted are based on the players eligible for the NHL Entry Draft.
    – Each GM gets 8 hours OTC from the time they get notified.
    – The OTC clock freezes from 12am (midnight) EST to 8am EST (the time between 12am – 8am EST does not count towards your OTC time).

    Link to GM Phone Numbers

    Draft Order:

    R1P1 – Toronto >> Alexis Lafreniere
    R1P2 – Shawinigan (Long Beach) >> Quinton Byfield
    R1P3 – Buffalo >> Tim Stutzle
    R1P4 – Toronto (Fort Drum) >> Yaroslav Askarov
    R1P5 – Montreal >> Lucas Raymond
    R1P6 – Hamilton >> Alex Holtz
    R1P7 – Seattle (Port Hope) >> Marco Rossi
    R1P8 – Hamilton (London) >> Jamie Drysdale
    R1P9 – Boston >> Cole Perfetti
    R1P10 – Moncton >> Seth Jarvis
    R1P11 – Moncton (Westbury) >> Jack Quinn
    R1P12 – Montreal (Seattle) >> Anton Lundell
    R1P13 – Moncton (Deer Park) >> Rodion Amirov
    R1P14 – Comox Valley (Shawinigan) >> Lukas Reichel
    R1P15 – Long Beach >> Hendrix Lapierre
    R1P16 – Laval (Washington) >> Dawson Mercer
    R1P17 – Toronto (Atlantic City) >> Tyson Foerster
    R1P18 – Montreal (Laval) >> Dylan Holloway
    R1P19 – Moncton (Manhattan) >> Connor Zary
    R1P20 – Toronto (Comox Valley) >> Jake Sanderson

    R2P1 – Long Beach (Manhattan) >> Jacob Perrault
    R2P2 – Manhattan (Long Beach) >> Mavrik Bourque
    R2P3 – Vancouver (Buffalo) >> Braden Schneider
    R2P4 – Fort Drum >> Ozzy Weisblatt
    R2P5 – Montreal >> Kaiden Guhle
    R2P6 – Vancouver (Hamilton) >> Brendan Brisson
    R2P7 – Comox (Port Hope) >> Jake Neighbors
    R2P8 – Comox >> Ridley Grieg
    R2P9 – Comox (Boston) >> Justin Barron
    R2P10 – Moncton >> JJ Peterka
    R2P11 – Seattle (Westbury) >> Yegor Chinakhov
    R2P12 – Moncton (Seattle) >> Drew Commesso
    R2P13 – Deer Park >> Thomas Bordeleau
    R2P14 – Fort Drum (Shawinigan) >> Joel Blomqvist
    R2P15 – Laval (Vancouver) >> Marat Khusnutdinov
    R2P16 – Montreal (Washington) >> Jan Mysak
    R2P17 – Atlantic City >> William Wallinder
    R2P18 – Vancouver (Laval) >> Helge Grans
    R2P19 – Laval (Manhattan) >> Noel Gunler
    R2P20 – Manhattan (Comox) >> Sam Colangelo

    R3P1 – Vancouver (Toronto) >> Tristen Robins
    R3P2 – Long Beach >> Nico Daws
    R3P3 – Long Beach (Buffalo) >> Artur Akhtyamov
    R3P4 – Fort Drum >> Ryan O’Rourke
    R3P5 – Buffalo (Montreal) >> Roby Jarventie
    R3P6 – Buffalo (Hamilton) >> Zion Nybeck
    R3P7 – Manhattan (Port Hope) >> Vasili Ponomarev
    R3P8 – Long Beach (London) >> Zayde Wisdom
    R3P9 – Boston >> Martin Chromiak
    R3P10 – Atlantic City (Moncton) >> Roni Hirvonen
    R3P11 – Westbury >> Jeremy Poirier
    R3P12 – Laval (Seattle) >> Luke Tuch
    R3P13 – Hamilton (Deer Park) >> Jan Bednar
    R3P14 – Atlantic City (Shawinigan) >> Ty Smilanic
    R3P15 – Laval (Vancouver) >> Luke Evangelista
    R3P16 – Atlantic City (Washington) >> Alexander Pashin
    R3P17 – Comox (Atlantic City) >> Jack Finley
    R3P18 – Manhattan (Laval) >> Theodor Niederbach
    R3P19 – Comox (Manhattan) >> Lukas Cormier
    R3P20 – Port Hope (Comox Valley) >> SKIPPED


    With the 2nd Overall pick, Shawinigan selects Quinton Byfield.


    Welcome to Buffalo Tim Stutzle with the 3rd overall pick


    With the 9th pick Boston selects Cole Perfetti


    With the 10th pick, Moncton selects Seth Jarvis


    With pick 11, Moncton selects Jack Quinn


    With pick 13 acquired from Long Beach, Moncton selects Rodion Amirov.


    With our first selection of the 2020/2021 AFHL Draft, The Comox Valley X-Men with the 14th selection are proud to select from the Berlin Polar Bears Lukas Reichel, filling a great need in our system on LW


    Pick 19 – Connor Zary


    With the 22nd Overall Pick in the 2020 AFHL Entry Draft… The Manhattan Supermen are thrilled to select the most DANGEROUS and CREATIVE offensive forward in this draft class… MAVRIK BOURQUE!!!!!!


    The Vancouver ownership group would like to thank Commissioner Furino… (pauses to let boos subside)… With our first selection in the 2020 AFHL entry draft, the first of this new ownership’s tenure, the Muscle are proud to select:

    Braden Schneider, D, NYR


    We have a trade to announce. Comox Valley X-Men trades 2nd round picks in 2020 and 2021 with Toronto.

    The X-Men are proud to select at #27 and #28 respectively

    Jake Neighbors and Ridley Grieg


    We have another trade to announce. Comox Valley X-Men trades it’s 2nd round pick in 2023 and Tyler Motte to Long Beach for the R2P9 pick

    The X-Men are proud to select at #29 from the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL Justin Barron


    R2P10 – Moncton selects John-Jason Peterka


    R2p12 – drew commesso

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