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    -The Draft Order is based on the League Standings and the players eligible to be drafted are based on the players eligible for the NHL Entry Draft.
    – Each GM gets 8 hours OTC from the time they get notified.
    – The OTC clock freezes from 12am (midnight) EST to 8am EST (the time between 12am – 8am EST does not count towards your OTC time).

    Link to GM Phone Numbers

    Draft Order:

    R1P1 – Toronto (Toronto) >> Jesper Wallstedt
    R1P2 – Shawinigan (Long Beach) >> William Eklund
    R1P3 – Montreal (Montreal) >> Kent Johnson
    R1P4 – Fort Drum (Fort Drum) >> Matthew Beniers
    R1P5 – Toronto (London) >> Luke Hughes
    R1P6 – Vancouver (Vancouver) >> Dylan Guenther
    R1P7 – Comox (Port Hope) >> Owen Power
    R1P8 – Atlantic (Atlantic) >> Mason McTavish
    R1P9 – Deer Park (Deer Park) >> Sebastian Cossa
    R1P10 – Boston (Boston) >> Brandt Clarke
    R1P11 – Shawinigan (Laval) >> Chaz Lucius
    R1P12 – Toronto (Moncton) >> Fabian Lysell
    R1P13 – Westbury (Rain City) >> Cole Sillinger
    R1P14 – Westbury (Westbury) >> Matt Coronato
    R1P15 – Buffalo (Buffalo) >> Aatu Raty
    R1P16 – Hamilton (Manhattan) >> Fedor Svechkov
    R1P17 – Hamilton (Hamilton) >> Brennan Othmann
    R1P18 – Comox (Comox) >> Simon Edvinsson
    R1P19 – Long Beach (Shawinigan) >> Tyler Boucher
    R1P20 – Fort Drum (Washington) >> Zachary L’Heureux

    R2P21 – Shawinigan (Toronto) >> Isak Rosen
    R2P22 – Long Beach (Long Beach) >> Zachary Bolduc
    R2P23 – Montreal (Montreal) >> Mackie Semoskevich
    R2P24 – Fort Drum (Fort Drum) >> Corson Ceulemans
    R2P25 – Montreal (London) >> Xavier Borgault
    R2P26 – Manhattan (Vancouver) >> Oskar Olausson
    R2P27 – Comox (Port Hope) >> Francesco Pinelli
    R2P28 – Atlantic (Atlantic) >> Nikita Chibrikov
    R2P29 – Deer Park (Deer Park) >> Josh Doan
    R2P30 – Atlantic City (Boston) >> Benjamin Gaudreau
    R2P31 – Shawinigan (Laval) >> Logan Stankoven
    R2P32 – Moncton (Moncton) >> Carson Lambos
    R2P33 – Moncton (Rain City) >> Olen Zellweger
    R2P34 – Westbury (Westbury) >> Scott Morrow
    R2P35 – Buffalo (Buffalo) >> Sasha Pastujov
    R2P36 – Long Beach (Manhattan) >> Logan Mailloux
    R2P37 – Hamilton (Hamilton) >> Alexanser Kisakov
    R2P38 – Moncton (Comox) >> Zach Dean
    R2P39 – Moncton (Shawinigan) >> Sean Behrens
    R2P40 – Toronto (Washington) >> Joshua Roy

    R3P41 – Montreal (Toronto) >> Wyatt Johnston
    R3P42 – Shawinigan (Long Beach) >> Ayrton Martino
    R3P43 – Fort Drum (Montreal) >> Tristan Lennox
    R3P44 – Manhattan (Fort Drum) >> Prokor Poltapov
    R3P45 – Shawinigan (London) >> William Stromgren
    R3P46 – Vancouver (Vancouver) >> Danilo Klimovich
    R3P47 – Manhattan (Port Hope) >> Chase Stillman
    R3P48 – Atlantic (Atlantic) >> Ville Koivunen
    R3P49 – Long Beach (Deer Park) >> Colton Dach
    R3P50 – Shawinigan (Boston) >> Simon Robertsson
    R3P51 – Westbury (Laval) >> Samu Tuomaala
    R3P52 – Moncton (Moncton) >> Ryker Evans
    R3P53 – Moncton (Rain City) >> Matthew Knies
    R3P54 – Westbury (Westbury) >> Dylan Duke
    R3P55 – Vancouver (Buffalo) >> Redmond Savage
    R3P56 – Rain City (Manhattan) >> Tristan Broz
    R3P57 – Rain City (Hamilton) >> Jackson Blake
    R3P58 – Shawinigan (Comox) >> Aleksei Kolosov
    R3P59 – Vancouver (Shawinigan) >> Samu Salminen
    R3P60 – Hamilton (Washington) >> Lucas Forsell


    With the 2nd overall pick, the Shawinigan are proud to select William Eklund, San Jose Sharks.


    Ryan Taylor aka the new GM of the Vancouver Muscle is thrilled to select… DYLAN GUENTHER!!!!


    With the 7th selection in the AFHL draft
    The Comox Valley X-Men are proud to select
    From the university of Michigan Owen Power.


    With the 11th overall pick, Shawinigan are very excited to select Chaz Lucius, Winnipeg Jets.


    Westbury Royals

    With the 13th and 14th picks Westbury selects Cole Sillinger and Matt Coronato


    Buffalo phantoms select who the sabres should have selected in Aatu Raty (c) NYI


    With the number #18 pick the X-Men
    Stick with rebuilding their D and
    Take big smooth skating defenceman
    Simon Edvinsson.


    With the 21st selection of the 2021 AFHL draft, Shawinigan select Isak Rosen, Buffalo.


    The Fort Drum Killers select (D) Corson Ceulemans of the Columbus Blue Jackets


    With the 26th Overall Pick in the 2021 AFHL Entry Draft… The Manhattan Supermen would like to welcome… from HV 71, Sweden… Oskar Olausson!!!


    With the R2P27 selection the X-Men are proud to select
    From the Kitchener Rangers Francesco Pinelli.


    With a pick acquired from Laval, Shawinigan is thrilled to select at 31st overall, Logan Stankoven, Dallas


    Buffalo selects Sasha Pastujov (Ana)


    With a pick acquired from Laval, Shawinigan is very happy to select at 42nd overall, Ayrton Martino, Dallas

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