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Minnesota hires new GM :: The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League

Minnesota hires new GM


Lucas Main announced as new GM of the Minnesota franchise

September 5th, 2012

The AFHL announced today that Lucas Main has been named the new GM/coach of the Minnesota Icehawks.

Main has served this past year as GM/coach of the Boston Barons in the IFHL. He led the team to the playoffs and a third place finish with an overall record of 182-100-33.

AFHL commissioner Anthony Furino met with Main for lunch over the weekend and Main said he gasped when Furino asked him if he was interested in the Icehawks head coaching job.

“I was a bit taken back,” Main said in a news conference on Wednesday morning. “I wasn’t speechless, because my first words were: ‘Certainly, I’d like to do that.’ But it was a bit shocking. After that I got my game face on and we discussed details.”

Furino opted for Main over other candidates because of Main’s accomplishments in the IFHL and a personal recommendation by Philadelphia GM Paul Kiely.

“I recommended Lucas as a replacement because he’s extremely active and he knows how to play hockey,” Kiely said. “He also has a good personality and most importantly, he has a great GM skillset. He’s the kind of guy who won’t be pushed over.”

Although he’s a little intimidated by the fact that he is the fifth GM in Minnesota’s franchise history, Main believes he has inherited a well balanced team with the potential to get into the playoffs as soon as this year.

“A couple of changes need to be made but overall I think we have a young group of players and a good mix of veterans,” said Main. “The focus right now will be making sure there is a good foundation in place and then moving into the right direction.”

When asked about how he thinks he will get along with the other GMs in the AFHL, Main said he thinks he’ll get along just fine.

“Commissioner gave me some good advice,” Main said. “He told me to just be myself and not worry about what other guys think. So I’m just going to have fun and do my thing.”

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  1. Brunetta13 says:

    Welcome to the league man. Hopefully your the guy that fills the revolving door that is the Minnesota / Goldsboro GM spot. Good Luck to you.

    – Mike – NBW

  2. Fort Drum GM Steve Stryska says:

    Welcome aboard Lucus this is a great leauge and im sure you’ll do well good luck in the upcoming season… if there is one.

  3. Washington GM Rick Charron says:

    ya welcome man…lets hope you are a main stay!

  4. Lakehead GM Jason Briggs says:

    Welcome to the league Lucas. My YIM is briggsy49
    Feel free to add me if you’re interested in making a deal.

  5. ducksfan19 says:

    Thanks boys! It’s a pleasure being here and I’m ready to go!

  6. Oshawa City GM Earl McNeill says:

    Welcome aboard. My YIm is mcnastyman62

  7. CoachSwinson says:

    If there is any other franchises that are open now or become available, I would love to participate in this league.


  8. Lakehead GM Jason Briggs says:

    I’m sure there’s a helluva long lineup ahead of you Coach! This league is everything you’ve read and heard about it and more!

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