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New Goldsboro GM :: The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League

New Goldsboro GM


Goldsboro GM Rich Mauch is given the boot;

New GM Matt Dwyer says Rebels have potential

November 21st, 2011

Rich Mauch was dismissed as coach and GM of the Goldsboro Rebels shortly after their matchup with the Twin City Vikings on Sunday night. Matt Dwyer was introduced as the Rebels new coach and GM  in a press conference on Monday morning.

AFHL Commissioner Tony Furino said Mauch is a good man but his participation level was low for far too long.

“The participation level is probably the biggest thing I look at,” said Furino. “Aside from participation, I also saw an underachieving team and another season getting away from Goldsboro, which has yet to make a playoff appearance in their franchise history.”

Goldsboro is 23-37-12 this season and 16th in the league standings. Mauch was 104-172-48 in his two year tenure as Rebels coach and GM. He replaced the fired Ken Richardson in 2009.

“Obviously, I try and support every GM in this league all the way up until the last second,” said Furino. “This was based more on a gut feeling that there was a different direction we could go with someone new who is committed to participating much more, someone who would post comments on the message board more often, and someone that could poke and prod and get a young core to meet their potential.”

Now Dwyer is in charge and he’s committed to a high participation level just as much as he’s committed to getting the Rebels on the winning track.

“I’ve got a good track record and I know how to get the most out of my players,” Dwyer said at the press conference on Monday.

Dwyer plans no major changes right away, but will expect more consistency. He believes the Rebels have the talent to be a playoff team, “but the buy-in has to be immediate.”

“Because of my love for all levels of hockey, including juniors, I’ve had great success in working with young and talented guys and getting them to play,” Dwyer said. “I think there’s potential with a lot of guys to be top players here.”

The first thing on the list that Dwyer wants to address in the current goaltending. He believes Robin Lehner, Michal Neurvirth, and Josh Harding have the potential to be a fantastic goalies in the future but right now the Rebels need one of these goalies to “step up and stop the puck on a regular basis.”

People close to Dwyer say he’s a nice addition to the AFHL because he’s fun guy with a great sense of humor and he doesn’t mind the occasional trash talking session.

“I like to have a good time,” said Dwyer. “I like to poke fun at guys every now and then.”

Dwyer will meet with his players for the first time at a team practice later this afternoon. Part of the first impression he wants to give his players is that he wants them to be proud of the way they play the game.

“I think at the end of the day, I want people in Goldsboro to say, ‘Man, that team plays the right way.’ “

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– The Buffalo Phantoms and Lakehead Thunderwolves are still undefeated in the 2011-12 regular season.

– The Phantoms have managed to be the top team in the league without Sidney Crosby on the ice. Tonight against the Detroit Icemen they’ll add their captain and top scoring threat to their arsenal. “There’s been a buzz in the arena all day today and we’re all very excited that he’s back,” said Phantoms coach Daryn Beckman. “In practice, he’s the best player on the ice. He’s going to bring that into his return tonight.”

– The Manhattan Supermen and Montreal Xtreme are still seeking their first win in the 2011-12 regular season. Manhattan GM Tony Furino said he’s “disgusted with this club’s awful start to the season” after they gave up a big lead late in the matchup in their loss to the Killers last week.

– Things got a little chippy between GM Furino and Hamilton Firestorm GM Gates Imbeau during last week’s matchups. Furino announced that he’s looking to trade Petr Sykora in a one-for-one deal. Imbeau said “Sykora is a waiver wire player”. Furino fired back with “If anyone should be on the waiver wire, it’s Henrik Zetterberg.” At the time, Sykora had 9 points for the Supermen, while Zetterberg only had 7 points for the Firestorm. (After the comment was made, Zetterberg scored a goal and an assist in Sunday’s game.)  Shortly after their matchups ended on Sunday night, both Furino and Imbeau laughed about the verbal exchange to the media. “It’s all in good fun,” Imbeau said. “We’re all good sports about trash talking in this league. We don’t take things personally so we’re free to say whatever we want to say.”

– The defending Stanley Cup champion Washington Power finally notched their first win of the season defeating Goldsboro 8-1 two weeks ago, but lost to the Victoria Vipers 8-1 last week. “We’ve seen some flashes of good play,” said Power GM Rick Charron. “Consistency seems to be the issue, but it’s going to get better.”

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  1. Lakehead GM Jason Briggs says:

    Welcome to the league Matt! You’re going to love this set up and the managers here are phenomenal! Let’s hope you fit right in and make turn the Goldsboro team around. Add me on yahoo – briggsy49 – so we can start negotiations if you’re looking to make a few tweaks! Good luck the rest of the way!

  2. Toronto GM Jordan Carbone says:

    YES!!! Absolutely fantastic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious move here Tony. Great job being commish sir.
    I did not realize that GM was here for 2 years, remember trying countless times to talk trade but he’d never reply or go offline…very frustrating.
    Anyways lets look on the positive side- he’s gone!
    Welcome to a great league Matt, hopefully you can be lucky enough to achieve what the man above me, Jason, has. Taking a borderline fringe playoff team and turning them into a undefeated team so far.
    Best of luck climbing up from the basement.

  3. Goldsboro GM Matt Dwyer says:

    Thanks guys, really looking forward to it. Gonna sit tight for a week or two before i pull the trigger on any deals. Yahoo Im is moosejaw98.
    See you guys at the top!

  4. London GM Matt Plachta says:

    Finally above .500, let’s start thinking playoff push!

  5. Hamilton GM Gates Imbeau says:

    I love this league! Great write up, awesome comments and a commish who gets the job done. Welcome to the league Matt! I guess this means I’m no longer the league rookie (although you wouldnt expect that from the current standings!!).

    Enjoy your stay, check in often and the turn the page towards greatness!

  6. Detroit GM Kurt Ritchie says:

    Welcome aboard Matt and another great write up by the commish.

  7. Washington GM Rick Charron says:

    as a fellow new gm, i must say welcome to the greatest fantasy pool man! great bunch of guys, looking forward to talking trade and competing!

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