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Plachta replaces Schmansky :: The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League

Plachta replaces Schmansky



Matt Plachta replaces Tom Schmansky

as new GM of the Mustangs

June 23rd, 2011

The AFHL Commissioner Anthony Furino took an unconventional route in hiring Tom Schmansky as new GM of the Mustangs last month, and he embraced another unconventional path by firing him on his 11th day on the job.

Late Wednesday night, the AFHL Commissioner announced Schmansky is being replaced by Matthew Plachta, 30, who lives in the city of London to accept the GM post.

“I spoke with Matt at length throughout the past few weeks about the GM position and he really impressed me with his passion and his knowledge,” the AFHL Commissioner said in a statement. “When the time came for a decision to be made, the choice was an easy one.”

Plachta, who is almost always around a computer as an accountant, will take over one of the most successful organizations in the AFHL. A little over a year ago, the Mustangs won the first ever Stanley Cup, and just a few months ago they fell one victory short of returning the the Finals for back to back years.

“This is a proud moment for me, a dream come true,” said Plachta, who played three years in a league very similar to the AFHL. “It`s an opportunity I wanted more than anything and I believe I am more than ready for it.”

“Mustangs fans can be assured that this franchise is going to do everything in its power to bring another Stanley Cup to London.”

The 2011 AFHL Entry Draft is just a few days away and Plachta will have some work cut out for him. The Mustangs hold two 1st round draft picks (one from Pittsburgh formerly known as Vancouver), two 2nd round picks (one from Hollywood) (Hollywood), and a 3rd round pick.

“They are all outstanding players and outstanding young men,” Plachta said. “You couldn’t go wrong with any of them.”

Many, including thousands of passionate Mustang fans who will watch the draft unfold on closed-circuit TV at a Mustang-sponsored draft party at the Mustangs’ home ice arena, want the Mustangs to draft a pure goal-scorer rather than a defenseman or goalie.

“Honestly, and this isn’t an indication of who we’re looking to take or not take, but we can’t be concerned with public perception of what people think we should do,” Plachta said. “We owe it to our fans and ourselves to draft the player who we think gives us the best chance to win another Stanley Cup in the AFHL. That’s the only consideration we have. That’s all that matters. And that’s what we’re going to do. Whichever player we pick, that’s the one we think gives us the best chance to be successful.”

NOTE: The Mustangs franchise will stay in the city of London for the 2011-12 season (not Windsor).

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