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Red Devils to kick off Entry Draft with 1st and 2nd overall picks :: The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League

Red Devils to kick off Entry Draft with 1st and 2nd overall picks



Red Devils to kick off 2011 Entry Draft

with first and second overall picks

June 16th, 2011

After finishing the season in second to last place and acquiring Montreal’s first overall draft pick in an offseason trade that sent a handful of blue-chip prospects to the Xtreme, the Toronto Red Devils are going into this year’s Entry Draft with the first two overall picks.

Barring a trade, the Red Devils will become the first team in AFHL history to select the first two players in an AFHL Entry Draft.

“It’s such an important step for us to have the ability to take the first overall pick and the second overall pick, especially where we are with our cycle of development,” Toronto GM Jordan Carbone said. “We’re still in a reshaping, rebuilding mode right now. Everybody’s clear about that. These will be two more wonderful building blocks to add on to some of the other top players we have in place now.”

While acknowledging he would listen to trade offers, Carbone said he was inclined to keep the picks.

“I’m sure there’s lots of teams that have ideas how to make our team better,” he said. “I always have to listen but we’re focused right now on the No. 1 and No. 2 picks. For us to move those picks at this point, I can’t think of what it would have to be.”

If the Red Devils keep the selections, they will likely choose WHL star forward Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and QMJHL star forward Jonathan Huberdeau. Nugent-Hopkins finished this past season with 106 points in 69 games played, and Huberdeau finished with 105 points in 67 games played.

Both Nugent-Hopkins and Huberdeau would be expected to contribute right away.

“It’s an immediate impact that people get to see and it’s exciting,” Carbone told theafhl.com. “The attention and the pressure with these kinds of players that come to Toronto is obvious, but that’s part of the decision-making process also. Can these players handle being the first pick overall and second pick overall?”

The Red Devils first two picks in this year’s Entry Draft will join a nucleus of young and promising talent that includes Tyler Seguin, Taylor Hall, Jakub Voracek, Marcus Johansson, Michael Grabner, Victor Hedman, Erik Karlsson, and Tuuka Rask… just to name a few.

The draft will begin on Monday, June 27th.

Here is the current order of selection in the first round of this year’s AFHL Entry Draft:

Pick Team
1 Red Devils
2 Red Devils (from Xtreme)
3 Rebels
4 Stars
5 Vipers
6 Knights
7 Vikings (from Phantoms)
8 Giants
9 Vikings
10 Red Devils (from Wolves)
11 Leafs
12 Stars (from Chiefs)
13 Supermen
14 Killers
15 Mustangs
16 Mustangs (from Vancouver)
17 Hitmen
18 Supermen (from Red Wings)
19 Supermen (from Warriors)
20 Heroes (from Power)

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  1. Buffalo GM Daryn Beckman says:

    yeah jordan youre a pretty good manager man how did u end up with the top 2 this year? pretty crazy buddy. I cant wait to see your team in a couple years that is if u dont trade everyone away which youve been known to do. It should be quite the force in a couple of years. Not to worry tho I got Souray!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Manhattan GM Tony Furino says:

    Red devils could be the next washington power… What was that Souray trade? U guys keep mentioning it but I forgot what it was…

  3. Toronto GM Jordan Carbone says:

    I’m not sure if I should be pleased with you calling me a good manager or insulted that it took you this long to realize it. And no Tony, Toronto Red Devils will be better than Washington Power, guarantee 😉 Also the trade was Souray for 2 picks that turned in Gudbranson and another top 20 pick in this years draft hahahaha <3 you Daryn lmao.

  4. Manhattan GM Tony Furino says:

    hahah souray was buried in the minors

  5. Buffalo GM Daryn Beckman says:

    Hey he might be back this year? You know those guys who shovel the ice off in between commercial breaks I think Souray got a job doing that. Love ya too Jordan I was actually excited about aquiring him too he was one of
    My favorite defenseman. And gudbranson is more of a shut down guy so we will see. But in reality it sucks lol.

  6. Buffalo GM Daryn Beckman says:

    And it wasn’t two picks it was just the one

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