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The AFHL agrees to a one year deal with Fantrax :: The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League

The AFHL agrees to a one year deal with Fantrax


The AFHL agrees to a one year deal with Fantrax

January 4th, 2014

After several days of negotiation, the AFHL reached an agreement with Fantrax on Monday morning, one that will help the AFHL regain momentum and boost its prominence.

“The future of the AFHL is now extraordinarily bright,” said AFHL commissioner Anthony Furino during a news conference at the Marriott Hotel in NYC on Tuesday. “I’m confident that this switch from Yahoo to Fantrax will make the AFHL much, much better, and much, much stronger.”

AFHL deputy commissioners Gates Imbeau and Keith Cancilla watched the news conference from a doorway in the hotel lobby. Most GMs attended along with more than a dozen superstar players from around the league.

“We are honored and thrilled to be the new host of the most amazing fantasy hockey league on the planet,” said Lee Kleiner, President of Fantrax. “The AFHL has a strong, intelligent, charismatic nucleus of GMs with a very bright future. Our goal is to give GMs in this league the best and most fun fantasy hockey experience in 2014-15 and beyond. We are 100 percent committed to the AFHL and we promise to help make 2014-15 the best season in AFHL history.”

Fantrax’s mission statement has always been to give people the ultimate fantasy sports experience. They started with a group of fantasy sports enthusiasts, some of whom were also experienced software developers, who were unhappy with the features and overall quality of existing websites like Yahoo and ESPN. Fantrax prides themselves on putting Yahoo and ESPN to shame.

Some of the current offerings by Fantrax include:

– The most powerful League Manager / Commissioner Product on the internet: more features, options, flexibility, and detailed help.

– An extremely fast and easy-to-use website.

– Continuous addition of new features requested by users to allow as much customization and automation as possible.


 Current Features Fantrax Yahoo! ESPN
 Fully Customizable Public Commissioner Leagues
 Points, Roto and 3 H2H (Points and Category) Scoring Systems (all sports)
 Drag & Drop, “Easy Click” and “Classic” Lineup Change Methods
 Trade Draft Picks (Present and Future)
 Allow Players to be Owned By Multiple Teams
 Multi-Team Trades
 Auto-Enforce Owners to Take Healthy Players Off Injured Reserve
 Customizable Scoring Categories per Any Position for All Scoring Systems
 Up to 200 Teams Per League
 Player Salary and Contract Options Advanced None None
 Advanced Free Agent Claim/Bidding League Setup Options Advanced None None
 Free Agent Bidding Contingency System
 Start & End Season Stats at Any Dates (Including Retroactive Scoring)
 Create League at Any Time During the Season
 Live Chat rooms
 Run and Undo Live/Auto/Offline Draft at Any Time
 Start Live Online or Auto Draft at Any Time During the Season
 Live Online Draft Commissioner Options Advanced Basic Basic
 Live Online Draft Team Owner Options Advanced Intermediate Intermediate
 Live Online, Automated and Offline Drafts
 Offline Draft Tool Advanced Basic Basic
 Full “Team Roster Position” Flexibility
 Multiple Commissioners Allowed
 Pre-Rank Players By Position for Automatic or Live Online Draft
 Custom Team Selection for Player Pool
 Customize Point Ranges for Scoring Categories in PB Leagues, All Sports
 Waiver Wire Claim System Options Advanced Basic Basic
 View Stats/Standings by Any Date Range
 Commissioners Don’t Have to Own a Team
 Creation and participation of teams without owners
 Detailed Context-Sensitive Help Within Every Fantasy League Screen
 Roster League Setup Screen Advanced Basic Intermediate
 Full Illegal Roster Capability
 Capability to Deny Transactions Based on Roster Restrictions
 Minor League Roster Positions
 Minor League Eligibility Options
 Detailed Email Notification Preferences for Fantasy Leagues
 Statistical Analysis and Player Search Capabilities Advanced Intermediate Intermediate
 Multiple Head-to-Head Matchups per Team/Period (e.g. Double-headers)
 Head-to-Head Playoff Schedule Generator Advanced Basic Advanced
 Manually Configure Regular Season and Playoff Head-to-Head Matchups
 View All Teams at Once
 Statistical Corrections Page
 Manually Configure Which Real-Sport Games Count for Your League
 Easy One-Click Undo Transaction Option
 Min/Max Scoring Category Requirements
 Real-time Stats Across the Entire Site
 Lineup/Roster Period & Deadline Configuration Options Advanced Basic Basic
 Trade Voting System Configuration Advanced Basic Intermediate
 Keeper League Options Advanced Basic Basic
 Track League Fees $24.95
 Player Watch List
 Custom Tiebreaker Rules
 Overall Commissioner Capabilities Advanced Basic Basic
 Override Players’ Eligible Positions
 College Football & Basketball Content
 MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA Commissioner / League Manager
 College Football & Basketball Commissioner / League Manager
 NASCAR Commissioner / League Manager
 PGA Commissioner / League Manager
 European Soccer Commissioner / League Manager
 Playoff Commissioner / League Manager for All Sports
 Quick and Detailed Customer Email Support
 Projected Player Rankings Based on Your League’s Custom Scoring System for Rotisserie, Points-Based Leagues
 Manually Adjust Scores in Standings
 Add New Players at any time to Your League’s Player Pool
 Commissioner Can Execute any type of Transaction Retroactive to any Date & Time
 All Leagues are Backed Up Nightly and Can Be Recovered at Any Time
 Auto-Generate Player Salaries for Your League Based On Your League’s Scoring System, Real Player Salaries or Cap-Hits
 Create Your Own Fully Customizable Salary Cap Game
 League Prize Configuration and Tracking
 Player and Team Salaries and Contracts are Per-Period not Per-Season
 Custom fields/columns in Team Roster screen.
 Lock Individual Team Owner Privileges
 Commissioner Rule Changes Page
 Copy/Renew League Function
 Prevent Any New Players from Entering the Player Pool
 Determine which types of injuries qualify for Injured Reserve status
 Merge Any Periods Together in Your League’s Schedule
 Prevent Any Specific Games (NFL, MLB, etc.) from Counting in Your League
 Allow/Disallow Claims/Drops and/or Trades Pre-Draft
 Option to Prevent Claims for Injured Players
 Option to Prevent Claims for Minor League Players
 Option to Prevent Dropped Players from Being Claimed During Same Period
 Optional “Can’t Drop List” to Prevent Elite Players from Being Dropped
 Option to prevent “Waiver Wire Churning”
 Fully Automated Salary System
 Fully Automated Contract System
 Live Online Long/Extended Drafts


Fantrax is a full-fledged sports information site, containing the highest quality real-time statistics, up-to-the-minute news, player updates, injuries, boxscores, schedules, and much more.

In accordance with their purpose, Fantrax is constantly improving their website and they welcome user feedback. Because they are able to add new features very quickly, they seriously consider every feature request, and often implement them very soon after they receive them.

“Fantrax truly has a great system that will allow all teams to be competitive and have a chance to make the playoffs and even win the AFHL Stanley Cup,” Furino said. “I’m looking forward to continuing to grow the AFHL with the help of Fantrax. I think the opportunities are great and I couldn’t be more excited for the future.”

The league setup process on Fantrax will start behind the scenes once the offseason gets underway. Furino and Fantrax have agreed to meet on 12 consecutive days in June to complete documents that will total over 30 new customized league settings and features for the 2014-15 season. 

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  1. Hamilton GM Gates Imbeau says:

    Fantrax eh… home team advantage!

  2. London GM Matt Plachta says:

    Like you need any more advantages Gates. lol

  3. Twin City GM Phil Svoboda says:

    Nicely done Tony, looking forward to using the new site!

  4. Washington GM Rick Charron says:

    looking forward to some change in the pool….

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