Toronto Red Devils GM Jordan Carbone has been dodging verbal shots from Deer Park Chiefs GM Mike Nellany ever since he won the 2012 AFHL Best Trash Talker Award in August.

“Nellany recently posted a poll on the Yahoo Message Board asking the league if I was a homo,” Carbone laughed after the Red Devils’ first day of training camp on Sunday. “He’s broken the boundaries.”

Carbone said the trash talk actually began in the offseason, shortly after he won the 2012 AFHL Best Trash Talker Award which is an award that Nellany won in the previous two years.

“He [Nellany] was chirping a lot on the Yuku Message Board in the offseason,” said Fort Drum GM Steve Stryska. “I read a rant about Jordan’s mom in the About Me thread.”

Nellany’s comments to Jordan in the About Me thread on the Yuku Message Board:

“And as for your mother, I told you if you’re not happy with the blow jobs she is giving you, you will need to have a set of Home Depot Cum Gutters installed around her head. Ill admit I had a terrible time keeping her head straight as I was hammering them in but after a few loads and a knee to her head, she came to her senses and let me bang away. She has not missed a drop since and isnt half as messy now.”

One GM described Nellany’s comments as “ruthless” and “offensive”.

“I think he’s bitter about Jordan winning that award,” said Ottawa GM Ryan Armstrong. “So you can certainly expect it from him.”

Going into this season, Nellany and the Deer Park Chiefs have the edge over Carbone and the Toronto Red Devils. In their last three matchups, the teams have tied twice and the Chiefs have won once. Nonetheless, it appears to be a rivalry that has the potential to overtake the AFHL’s currently biggest rivalry [Toronto-Lakehead] in emotion and intensity.

“He’s lucky our teams aren’t scheduled to play against each other in this shortened season,” Nellany told via email. “But if we meet in the playoffs, the Deer Park mother fuckers, led by Dustin Brown, will smash the ever so soft Alex Semin and that other pussy Kovalchoke smack into the ground. Sure the Red Devils look good on paper but the softness shows up in the playoffs. All they are is a team that shits the bed year after year after year. Ultimately, their legacy will be that of chokers with a disoriented and heartbroken fan base. We look forward to smacking Carbone around in the playoffs should fate have us meet.”

The Red Devil players aren’t worried. They say the next matchup with the Chiefs will be fierce and anything will go, including trash talk.

Toronto right winger Corey Perry figures it will be vicious.

“If someone has a health problem, you kind of stay away from that,” he said. “But the big ones are mothers, girlfriends, things like that. You get into a lot of things out there, but there are a lot of things you can’t really say in the press. Nellany is a ruthless guy. I think him and the Chiefs will get what’s coming to them.”

Adolf Nipple

Adolf Nipple

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