All-Star Team Rosters Announced

January 18th, 2011 The AFHL will showcase its best and brightest on Jan. 30th in Vancouver at the Heroes’ home ice arena, as the American Conference will take on the Canadian Conference in the second annual AFHL All-Star Game. On Tuesday morning, the AFHL released the full rosters for both conferences and now it’s up to […]

It’s All About the Art of a Deal

February 21, 2011 As we wind toward the AFHL Trade Deadline on March 3rd, teams are usually sorted into two neat categories… Buyers: Contenders looking to shore up for the stretch run. Sellers: Teams looking to shed veterans to get younger – and presumably better – for the future. Why, you might ask, does everybody wait until […]

2011 AFHL Trade Deadline Coverage

5:00 am  Scott Burnside: Time to get our trade on. Busy day of activity coming? We’ll see. AFHL fans are anxious to find out. Let’s rock and roll. 6:15 am  Pierre Lebrun: Greetings all… Blackberry is going to explode! 6:27 am Barry Melrose: Woo! Trade Deadline 2011!! 6:27 am  Scott Burnside: Red Devils GM Jordan Carbone has been trying to pry Evgeni Malkin from Boston for […]

2011 AFHL Playoffs Preview

March 14th, 2011 With the Amazing Fantasy Hockey League’s playoff set to begin tonight, there’s no shortage of storylines for each of the eight teams in the postseason. Can the Mustangs repeat after playing most of the year as a complete group this season? Will the Presidents’ Trophy-winning Warriors fizzle in the playoffs after a remarkable regular […]

First Round Playoffs Coverage

1ST ROUND:  North Bay Warriors (1) vs. (8) Manhattan Supermen   Lack of offense dooms Manhattan; North Bay focuses on second round March 21st, 2011 North Bay’s home ice arena was shaking as the fans united in a thunderous ovation after the Warriors defeated the Supermen 7-2 last night to advance to the second round of the […]

Second Round Playoffs Coverage

2ND RD:  North Bay Warriors (1) vs. (5) Vancouver Heroes  Sedins lead Heroes in colossal comeback, Vancouver returns to Finals March 27th, 2011 Hockey sometimes demands a terrible price be paid for glory. The Vancouver Heroes paid that exorbitant toll in countless ways Sunday night as they punched their ticket for a return trip to the AFHL Stanley […]

Washington Power end season with Cup parade

April 11th, 2011 Goaltenders Roberto Luongo and Tim Thomas stopped just about everything in the Stanley Cup playoffs. With thousands of jubilant fans celebrating the Power’s title last Thursday, they couldn’t stop their emotions. “I’ve had to wipe away a few tears,” Tim Thomas said. “This is why I play in Washington.” Three days after Washington raised the hallowed […]’s Million-Dollar Facelift

Monday, April 18th, 2011 The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League (AFHL), often called the most famous fantasy hockey league in the world, has begun it’s million-dollar renovation, it’s first in AFHL history. “The AFHL is moving full-speed ahead on it’s renovation to provide AFHL fans and GMs with the state-of-the-art website the greatest league in the world deserves” AFHL […]

Farm team roster limit increases

Free agency fireworks could start tonight @ midnight AFHL farm team roster limit will increase from 12 players to 23 players May 31st, 2011 The first thing to remember when shopping for diamonds in the free agency rough: the key to success in all hockey formats is carefully crafting a well-rounded team. The question is […]