5:00 am  Scott Burnside: Time to get our trade on. Busy day of activity coming? We’ll see. AFHL fans are anxious to find out. Let’s rock and roll.

6:15 am  Pierre Lebrun: Greetings all… Blackberry is going to explode!

6:27 am Barry Melrose: Woo! Trade Deadline 2011!!

6:27 am  Scott Burnside: Red Devils GM Jordan Carbone has been trying to pry Evgeni Malkin from Boston for weeks. Source says price on Malkin too high right now. Carbone hopes it comes down today.

7:00 am  Barry Melrose: I am going on record to say Malkin is still a Giant by the end of the day.

7:07 am  Scott Burnside: Giants GM Mike Phelan is asking for Tyler Seguin, Michael Grabner and a 1st round pick in a return for Malkin… Don’t expect Carbone to do it… Carbone wants to keep this young core intact.

7:14 am  Barry Melrose: Going to be a slow day today?

7:40 am  Scott Burnside: First trade of the day… Wolves GM Andrew Fiorentino trades Mark Recchi to St. John’s for Matt Lombardi. Good pick-up for St. John’s… Recchi will help them in the playoffs. Lombardi helps Los Banos in the future. Good 4 Lombardi.

Expanded: Recchi will be a solid third-line piece for St. John’s that can play hard at both ends and perhaps most importantly, he adds experience.

Lombardi needs to be a top six guy to succeed at this level and as last night’s Live AFHL recap shows, St. John’s had no room for him there.

7:45 am  Scott Burnside: Barry, slow day today is relative. Even if there aren’t many trades, it doesn’t mean there won’t be tons of trade talks.

7:50 am  Barry Melrose: Source says Killers GM Steve Stryska is definitely looking to upgrade offensively but only looking to deal Alex Burrows for a top line RW. Also, the Power GM Ray Irwin would like to add another star forward to his lineup and an offer is currently on the table for one of the Hollywood Stars’ forwards. Where has the Hollywood GM been?

8:47 am  Scott Burnside: Nice trade. North Bay Warriors get Ryan Getzlaf from the London Mustangs for Jonathan Toews.

8:50 am  Scott Burnside: Any rumblings from GM Keith Cancilla?

8:53 am  Barry Melrose: Montreal Xtreme source says they’re quiet right now, “but it’s early”.

9:03 am  Scott Burnside: Where’s Pierre Lebrun? Did his Blackberry actually blow up?

9:17 am  Barry Melrose: Phantoms Sergei Gonchar has been skating, isn’t sure when he can practice. Doesn’t know what to expect for trade deadline. No 1 has talked to him yet.

9:18 am  Barry Melrose: Has told Phantoms GM Beckman: “If you have something, I’ll look at it.” Won’t talk specifics about where he wants to go. “I’m a Buffalo Phantom”. No list of preferences.

10:53 am  Scott Burnside: I wonder if Vipers GM Chris Hartley is going to make any more trades? Probably not.

10:55 am  Barry Melrose: Never underestimate Chris Hartley. Might yet pull a rabbit out of his hat. Although he does seem pretty content with his current roster so it could be a quiet day for the Vipers.

10:57 am  Scott Burnside: Just talked to Pierre Lebrun. He went to get donuts this morning and got stuck in traffic.

10:59 am  Pierre Lebrun: Need to charge Berry soon! haha

11:45 am  Barry Melrose: Rebels GM Rich Mauch keeps getting offers for Corey Perry. Is it possible the Calgary Hitmen could be inquiring?

11:51 am  Pierre Lebrun: Everything we’ve been told is that Perry is not in play. He’s the Rebels best player so would be shocked if he is in play.

11:51 am  Scott Burnside: Knights trading Thomas Vanek to the Wolves is just a rumor. Don’t see that happening.

12:05 pm  Barry Melrose: Be back in a little bit. Heading over to SportsCenter.

12:30 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Hitmen; GM Pat McKenna would like to add to his roster without taking away from it. James Reimer is a work in progress, obviously, but would be surprised if McKenna gives up on him this early.

12:50 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Hollywood Stars GM Mike Basset via email says he is NOT having a fire sale. He blames the Stars downfall this season on goaltender Martin Brodeur costing them too many matchups and expects him to be better next season.

1:25 pm  Scott Burnside: Really slow day so far.

2:03 pm  Scott Burnside: It is an unsettling day for players, that’s the reality. Remember a great television piece last year on Brad Boyes being traded to Vancouver. It was heartbreaking for him. But we check with agents, GMs, players themselves and you can also glean from a players’ position on team depth chart whether he’ll be in play. Don’t feel guilty – it is a part of the business – but it’s tough for some.

2:42 pm  Barry Melrose: Oshawa City Leafs GM Earl McNeill: “Very quiet right now.”

2:59 pm  Scott Burnside: From Evander Kane via text message, “I want to stay and be part of the solution here in Montreal. We are gonna be really good soon and I want to be here for it.”

3:37 pm  Barry Melrose: Goldsboro fielding calls on veteran Brendan Morrow but nothing imminent.

4:27 pm  Scott Burnside: Hearing that Washington has kicked tires on Manny Malhotra… you like that as a possible fit?

4:45 pm  Pierre Lebrun: He’s a good center for depth. Sees some time on the PK so he’s got some value.

5:14 pm  Barry Melrose: Any chance Vancouver GM Kyle Kebert makes a move today? I think the Heroes are just one player away from being really dangerous, I just don’t know what. Maybe break up the Sedin twins?

5:17 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Kebert could make a minor move, but he’s already addressed his key needs. He’s really done a terrific job in his first year on the job. He learned fast and has put an emphasis on winning in the future, not just this year.

6:26 pm  Scott Burnside: Text from Chiefs’ Scott Hartnell says he understands if he gets traded: “Mike Nellany needs to do a job. He’s got to look out for what’s best for the franchise.”

7:45 pm  Pierre Lebrun: If you had to pick right now, which two teams will be playing for the Stanley Cup and who wins?

7:47 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Warriors vs. Power… Warriors win.

7:50 pm  Barry Melrose: St John’s Red Wings and Washington Power. My same pick from the start of the year. GM Barry Hickey made some good trades in the past month and they are peaking at just the right time. Wings win.

8:33 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Which team has the best chance to be the cinderella story of the playoffs? any goalie out there that might carry a lower seed?

8:38 pm  Barry Melrose: Calgary Hitmen of course. They’ve been a cinderella story all year.

8:40 pm  Scott Burnside: Chiefs’ Henrik Lundqvist can carry the Chiefs. Killers’ Miikka Kiprusoff can carry Fort Drum as well. Don’t forget about Vancouver Heroes’ Ryan Miller.

9:07 pm  Barry Melrose: Less than 3 hours to go until the deadline passes. Trade talks have really heated up. Red Devils GM Jordan Carbone is talking to 5 different GMs at the same time.

9:15 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Reports out of Washington say the Power just acquired Teemu Selanne from Hollywood.

9:20 pm  Barry Melrose: Confirmed deal. Selanne to Washington for Alex Frolov, Mark Letestu, and Ryan Howse.

9:22 pm  Scott Burnside: Good trade for Washington. They needed another guy who can score consistently. I like the move.

10:01 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Lots of talk about Malkin going to the Red DevilsCarbone is pressing hard. Giants GM Phelan asking the moon – ie. Seguin, Grabner, 1st rounder, Nabokov, Montoya – so the question becomes whether Carbone is desperate enough to bite. Unless the price comes down I will be surprised if Malkin goes.

10:32 pm: Killers just traded Linus O’Mark and a 2nd rounder to Montreal for Jack Skille and Scott Parse.

Expanded: Looks like GM Cancilla gave up on Skille. Scott Parse might have more room to provide offensive support with Fort Drum. We’ll see.

10:43 pm  Scott Burnside: Boston real close on trading Malhotra to Washington.

10:45 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Manhattan GM Tony Furino still shopping veteran defenseman Roman Hamrlik but no takers. Deer Park offered a 3rd round pick but Furino wants a 2nd.

10:54 pm  Barry Melrose: The Niklas Backstrom trade to St. John’s did not happen. A fake twitter account reported this. The two sides are in fact talking. Backstrom is Boston’s number one goalie and St. John’s is believed to be offering Pavelec + but GM Phelan seems content with Backstrom staying number one in Boston.

10:59 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Done deal. Boston trades Manny Malhotra to Washington for for prospect Tim Erixon straight up. One hour left until the deadline passes.

11:13 pm  Scott Burnside: Montreal just acquired Vladimir Sobotka from Manhattan for a 2011 R2 Draft Pick. Good trade for Montreal. Sobotka is young and can snipe.

11:32 pm  Barry Melrose: Still hearing talk of Backstrom to St. John’s but still not done… Boston GM Phelan has been very active in trade talks this year. He’s been doing a nice job in Boston.

11:50 pm  Scott Burnside: Ten minutes and counting. Will we see a last-minute deal involving Malkin? Boston and Toronto are still talking.

11:52 pm  Barry Melrose: Just got a text from Phelan: “Nothing going on.”

11:59 pm  Scott Burnside: Last minute trade… Oshawa City Leafs trade Scott Gomez to Washington for Steve Downie.

11:59 pm  Scott Burnside: Red Devils source on what Boston wanted for Malkin: “Too much.”

12:05 am  Barry Melrose: We are going to finish up shortly here. Which team’s moves today has increased their chances of winning the Cup?

12:06 am  Scott Burnside: I’ve already given the Trade Deadline Stanley Cup to the Washington Power. Great job by GM Irwin… Traded prospects for Manny Malhotra and Teemu Selanne… Washington is stacked and ready for the playoffs.

12:09 am  Pierre Lebrun: I’ll go with the Red Wings. I like the addition of Mark Recchi for depth on RW. They’re primed to win the Cup. Just gotta stay healthy.

12:11 am  Scott Burnside: Bye everyone – see you all next year!

The 2011 AFHL Trade Deadline has passed.


Here are all of the trades from around the AFHL between January 1st, 2011 and the March 3rd, 2011 trade deadline.

Team 1
Team 2

Mar. 3, 2011 Scott Gomez (F) Steve Downie (F)
Mar. 3, 2011 2011 R2 Draft Pick Vladimir Sobotka (F)
Mar. 3, 2011 Manny Malhotra (F) Tim Erixon (F)
Mar. 3, 2011 Jack Skille (F)
Scott Parse (F)
Linus O’Mark (F)
2011 R2 Draft Pick
Mar. 3, 2011 Teemu Selanne (F) Alexander Frolov (F)
Mark Letestu (F)
Ryan Howse (F)
Mar. 3, 2011 Ryan Getzlaf (F) Jonathan Toews (F)
Mar. 3, 2011 Matthew Lombardi (F) Mark Recchi (F)
Mar. 1, 2011 Ryan Malone (F) Ray Whitney (F)
Feb. 28, 2011 Vincent Lecavalier (F)
Dustin Jeffrey (F)
2011 R2 Draft Pick
Colin Wilson (F)
Ryan Whitney (D)
Drew Shore (F)
Reilly Smith (F)
Ty Wishart (D)
Feb. 27, 2011 Daniel Briere (F)
Brent Burns (D)
Dwayne Roloson (G)
Mike Green (D)
Kari Lehtonen (G)
Cal Clutterbuck (F)
2011 R2 Draft Pick
Feb. 26, 2011 Ryan Kesler (F)
Tyler Ennis (F)
Anze Kopitar (F)
Jochen Hecht (F)
2011 R1 Draft Pick
Feb. 21, 2011 Tomas Vokoun (G)
Jordan Eberle (F)
Mason Raymond (F)
Jordan Staal (F)
Teemu Pulkinnen (F)
Martin Jones (G)
Ondrej Pavelec (G)
Martin Havlat (F)
Ville Leino (F)
Tomas Plekanec (F)
2011 R3 Pick (from BOS)
Feb. 21, 2011 Brett Sterling (F) 2011 R3 Draft Pick
Feb. 21, 2011 Cory Schneider (G)
Jonathan Bernier (G)
Kyle Okposo (F)
Jimmy Howard (G)
Patrik Elias (F)
Bryan McCabe (D)
Feb. 20, 2011 Cal Clutterbuck (F) Alexander Radulov (F)
Marcus Kruger (F)
Feb. 15, 2011 Mathieu Perrault (F)
Luke Adam (F)
Brad Boyes (F)
Feb. 14, 2011 Wayne Simmonds (F)
Cody Eakin (F)
David Bolland (F)
2011 R3 Draft Pick
Feb. 7, 2011 Wojtek Wolski (F)
Eric Tangradi (F)
Zach Bogosian (D)
Jason Labarbera (G)
2011 R1 Pick (from WSH)
2011 R3 Draft Pick
Eric Staal (F)
Mattias Tedenby (F)
2012 R2 Draft Pick
2013 R2 Draft Pick
Feb. 5, 2011 Patrick Marleau (F)
Steve Downie (F)
Vincent Lecavalier (F)
James Neal (F)
Feb. 5, 2011 Nikolai Khabibulin (G) Sean Bergenheim (F)
Feb. 3, 2011 Erik Johnson (D)
Andrei Markov (D)
2012 R1 Draft Pick
Jack Johnson (D)
2011 R3 Draft Pick
Feb. 1, 2011 Derek Stepan (F)
Rene Bourque (F)
Matt Moulson (F)
Kyle Beach (F)
Kurtis Foster (D)
2011 R2 Draft Pick
Tomas Plekanec (F)
Ray Whitney (F)
Mark Recchi (F)
Marek Zidlicky (D)
2011 R3 Draft Pick
Jan. 24, 2011 Tyson Barrie (F) Wojtek Wolski (F)
Jan. 20, 2011 Charlie Coyle (F)
2012 R1 Draft Pick
Milan Hejduk (F)
Jan. 17, 2011 Eric Fehr (F) David Bolland (F)
Jan. 16, 2011 Scott Glennie (F)
2012 R1 Draft Pick
Dwayne Roloson (G)
Jan. 15, 2011 Ryan Suter (D) Dion Phaneuf (D)
Jan. 11, 2011 Zac Dalpe (F)
2011 R1 Draft Pick
2012 R2 Draft Pick
Nicklas Lidstrom (D)
Jan. 9, 2011 Travis Hamonic (D)
2011 R1 Draft Pick
James Wisniewski (D)
Kevin Porter (F)
Jan. 9, 2011 Olli Jokinen (F)
Anton Stralman (D)
Victor Hedman (D)
Jan. 6, 2011 Erik Karlsson (D)
Alexander Avtsin (F)
2011 R2 Pick (from OTT)
Dion Phaneuf (D)
David Backes (F)
Jan. 4, 2011 Jakub Kindl (D)
Viktor Stalberg (F)
Mark Giordano (D)
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