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2012 AFHL Trade Deadline Recap – The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League


February 28th, 2012

5:15 am Pierre Lebrun: A little after 5 am… It’s the calm before the storm…

5:20 am  Barry Melrose: And so it begins… wonder which teams will be the first to make some noise… We’re ready.

5:52 am  Bob McKenzie: Happy Trade Deadline Day everyone!

5:59 am  Scott Burnside: Can’t help but wonder what kind of splash Vipers GM Chris Hartley makes before the deadline tonight.

6:03 am  Barry Melrose: As of this morning, no change on the Sidney Crosby front. Phantoms intend to wait for Crosby to return. News on this throughout the day.

6:25 am Bob McKenzie: I’m expecting a lot of “goofy” trades today. It’s been a strange year. So many teams still in it. We shall see.

7:01 am  Pierre Lebrun: Oshawa City GM Earl McNeill jst announced he’s taking offers for Crawford, Sharp, and Parise.

7:22 am  Barry Melrose: Parise will be most sought after player today.

7:39 am  Bob McKenzie: Washington Power hoping to seal the deal on a trade today for some help up front, while the Deer Park Chiefs aren’t expected to be overly active.

7:50 am  Scott Burnside: Someone has started a phony account of me,please be advised,it looks a lot like my account but please check the spelling folks…

8:03 am  Pierre Lebrun: GM Armstrong saying Thomas Vanek will be dealt today. Hamilton an obvious possible destination.

8:31 am  Barry Melrose: Lots of chatter about the Vipers stepping up for Vanek.

8:45 am  Bob McKenzie: Quiet morning in Manhattan. Supermen have firm offers on a number of players. Ton of interest in Cory Schneider, but nothing imminent.

9:10 am  Bob McKenzie: Odds on favorite to make the first trade today: Toronto

9:15 am  Barry Melrose: Not expecting the Killers to be sellers or buyers. Hockey moves are up their alley today.

9:22 am  Scott Burnside: Talking to a friend with Montreal, could see some activity there today. GM Cancilla is looking to make an impactful move.

9:25 am  Pierre Lebrun: Pierre McGuire just told me Jason Arnott is heading to Manhattan. I am hearing the same thing. Pending the post on yuku.

9:33 am  Pierre Lebrun: Arnott trade isn’t official yet, but told it’s done.

9:37 am  Pierre Lebrun: Relax people… wow. LOL… I can’t give you details, bc I don’t have them yet. As soon as I do, you’ll know.

9:40 am  Pierre Lebrun: It’s official. First trade of the day. North Bay sends Arnott to Manhattan for a 2014 third rd pick. Hmm…?

9:51 am  Barry Melrose: A year ago Evgeni Malkin was big focus on this day. Didn’t move.  “A little more relaxed! Haha,” Malkin said via email today.

9:55 am  Scott Burnside: North Bay may not be done. Still looking to add if price is right. Brunetta is going for it!

10:01 am  Pierre Lebrun: Lots of teams asking GM McNeill about Parise… but is nothing close there.

10:05 am  Barry Melrose: Chiefs GM Nellany says (as of now) he doesn’t think he’ll get what he wants today.

10:10 am  Bob McKenzie: Washington GM Rick Charron looking to trade away a couple of players…

10:13 am  Pierre Lebrun: Let me guess… Tomas Kopecky…

10:15 am  Scott Burnside: LOL I’d put money on it being Kopecky

10:20 am  Bob McKenzie: Charron offered Casey Cizikas and a 3rd for Brendan Morrow… Goldsboro GM Matt Dwyer shot it down.

10:23 am  Bob McKenzie: I’m told lots of packages are being discussed between Washington and Goldsboro… Krejci could be on the move.

10:25 am  Bob McKenzie: Washington trying hard for Morrow… Goldsboro won’t bite.

10:27 am  Bob McKenzie: Goldsboro says Washington’s offers are very low balling.

10:29 am   Scott Burnside: Reached out to Montreal GM Keith Cancilla and he said it’s SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWWW… Manhattan GM Tony Furino described the landscape as ‘crickets’.

10:35 am  Bob McKenzie: Not to pile on, but another GM: “It’s dead.”

11:09 am  Barry Melrose: Hamilton Firestorm looking to trade a forward for a defenseman.

11:15 am   Bob McKenzie: From a Washington source, their latest offer for Morrow was recently shot down. They’re focusing on other options now.

11:22 am  Scott Burnside: Not that is should surprise anyone, but Phantoms GM Daryn Beckman via text regarding the concussed Sidney Crosby:  “Not trading Crosby.”

11:34 am  Barry Melrose: Oshawa City GM McNeill scanning teams for top prospects. Been getting multiple offers for Crawford, Sharp, and Parise.

11:44 am  Pierre Lebrun: Am told over 10 teams have inquired on Vanek in Ottawa… Victoria remains among list of clubs that covet him but won’t overpay.

12:08 pm  Bob McKenzie: Boston GM Mike Phelan says “no chance” Gaborik or Malkin will be traded.

12:17 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Note to all GMs,don’t be shy,feel free to…do something.

12:22 pm  Bob McKenzie: Heroes’ forward Henrik Sedin says he doesn’t want to go anywhere. Loves Pittsburgh.

12:49 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Lakehead GM Jason Briggs told me theres been plenty of talk, just not as aggressive as years past. A flurry close to midnight likely.

1:13 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Text from Manhattan GM Furino: “Briggs wants Eriksson but he’s untouchable.”

1:17 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Talks have intensified between Briggs and Furino. Briggs wants Zac Dalpe. Furino said he would consider a Dalpe/Schenn trade.

1:20 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Briggs said “I’m sure he would! A guy who’s having success in the big league for a guy who can’t even crack the roster in the big league.”

1:25 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Talks breaking down between Furino and Briggs. Text from Furino: “Briggs is tough to negotiate with.”

1:46 pm  Scott Burnside: GM Beckman says the team got a “strong” offers for Crosby, but he turned it down.

2:01 pm  Bob McKenzie: Am told the Hitmen are shopping defensemen Kyle Quincey and Tom Gilbert.

2:05 pm  Scott Burnside: Furino contacted Leafs about Parise: Tavares as part of package. No-go.

2:11 pm  Barry Melrose: Hahaha how fitting… City workers in Ottawa were seen removing Thomas Vanek banners earlier today.

2:13 pm  Pierre Lebrun: A friend of Ottawa GM Ryan Armstrong just told me he’s completing a trade, one is close/near done.

2:16 pm  Barry Melrose: This one is interesting…reporting Toronto sending Jack Johnson to Leafs for Tomas Plekanec. This is unconfirmed.

2:18 pm  Barry Melrose: I’m told the Leafs are not trading Plekanec for J.Johnson… that report, like I said, was unconfirmed.

2:20 pm  Bob McKenzie: Vipers have won the Thomas Vanek sweepstakes 😉 Waiting on details…

2:25 pm  Bob McKenzie: Ottawa trades Vanek and a 2012 third rd pick to Victoria for Ryan Strome, Ty Rattie, Jon Merrill, Mattias Tedenby, and a 1st rd pick.

2:27 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Armstrong got a nice return on Vanek… More than I would have thought.

2:45 pm  Barry Melrose: All quiet on Parise/Sharp/Crawford watch, but McNeill says the Leafs will make trades today.

3:02 pm  Barry Melrose: London GM Matt Plachta says a deal is on the table that would send Pietrangelo and Bryzgalov to Lakehead.

3:05 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Twin City has traded Radim Vrbata. Details to follow…

3:10 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Confirming Radim Vrbata from Twin City to London for Richard Bachman and Scott Glennie. Sweet trade for both sides.

3:30 pm  Bob McKenzie: Heroes are taking calls for goaltender Ryan Miller.

3:32 pm  Barry Melrose: Montreal close to make a big trade.

3:35 pm  Bob McKenzie: GM Hartley continues to pound the phones. Now trying to get Hedman from London.

3:45 pm  Bob McKenzie: Txt from London GM Plachta: “A deal involving hedman for eller… lots of parts have been mentioned with this deal but nothing concrete.”

5:05 pm  Scott Burnside: Crazy quiet right now but I suspect it will pick up. Hamilton’s Alexander Semin strikes me as a significant name likely to move.

5:13 pm  Barry Melrose: Popular theory >> Oshawa City is holding up a lot of teams. Many in on Parise/Crawford/Sharp and not looking elsewhere until that’s resolved.

5:38 pm  Scott Burnside: Manhattan has several teams chasing J. Garrison…decent offers on the table, but Furino won’t trade him for less than a quality top 6 F.

5:59 pm  Barry Melrose: Toronto and Detroit are discussing a trade. Toronto GM Jordan Carbone wants Roman Josi.

6:00 pm  Barry Melrose: Detroit GM Paul Kiely wants Pekka Rinne involved.

6:01 pm  Barry Melrose: Carbone: “Not going to happen.”

6:29 pm  Pierre Lebrun: GM Hartley strikes again. Source tells me he got Hedman from London.

6:33 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Confirmed. Hedman and a 2012 second round pick to Victoria. Lars Eller and Spencer Machacek to London.

6:35 pm  Scott Burnside: Plachta said it took a while and he’s surprised they got it done.

6:44 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Big deal brewing between Montreal and Twin City. Hearing Tarasenko is going to Twin City.

6:56 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Trade has been made between Montreal and Twin City. Waiting for details…

7:01 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Montreal acquires 2012 first rd pick (2nd overall) + Jonathan Huberdeau. Twin City acquires 2013 first rd pick + Vladimir Tarasenko.

7:04 pm  Barry Melrose: Cancilla says Tarasenko will be a stud but thinks it will be worth giving him up for Mikhail Grigorenko.

7:06 pm  Bob McKenzie: Montreal now holds the 1st and 2nd overall picks in this upcoming draft. Yakupov and Grigorenko – Man that would be sweet!

7:34 pm  Barry Melrose: Talks really starting to pick up after the Twin City/Montreal deal.

8:07 pm  Scott Burnside: Phantoms GM Beckman telling teams Crosby won’t be traded unless an offer “blows him away”. So much interest in him… could happen.

8:22 pm  Bob McKenzie: Manhattan GM Tony Furino wants Crosby badly. Says he’s willing to overpay.

8:31 pm  Bob McKenzie: Just got a text from Furino: “Think I’m closer to getting Crosby than ever before.”

8:45 pm  Bob McKenzie: Furino telling Beckman he doesn’t stand a chance at winning the Cup without a top goalie. Anderson cannot compete with guys like Howard and Fleury.

8:52 pm Bob McKenzie: Carbone trying to pry Mikko Koivu from Fort Drum but GM Stryska says Mikko is untouchable this season.

8:58 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Don’t know details, but indications are Manhattan just made a mammoth offer for Crosby.

9:01 pm  Bob McKenzie: Txt from Furino: “Crosby for Zetterberg, Brodeur, and a 1st rd pick.”

9:03 pm  Bob McKenzie: Txt from Beckman: “I haven’t said yes but I haven’t said no either…”

9:05 pm  Barry Melrose: Hamilton says  Claude Giroux is not in play.

9:07 pm  Bob McKenzie: Crosby talks have broke down. Beckman declined Furino’s last offer because he loves Crosby too much.

9:09 pm  Bob McKenzie: Can’t get in touch with Furino. Txt from his secretary: “After Beckman declined his final offer, he cursed me out, grabbed a baseball bat, and smashed his office phone.”

9:25 pm  Barry Melrose: Firestorm have acquired Peverley and Letestu from Detroit for Timonen, Zatkoff, and a 2012 third rounder. Great pick ups for both teams.

9:26 pm  Barry Melrose: Detroit close to another deal with Ottawa…

9:30 pm  Barry Melrose: Detroit trades Halak, Prospal, and two third rounders to Ottawa for Reimer, Hackett, and Bulmer.

9:51 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Hearing North Bay is closing in on a deal for goaltender Jeff Frazee from Comox Valley, but not done yet.

9:55 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Oshawa City’s Parise, Sharp, and Crawford still getting plenty of attention today. Expect at least one of them to be moved.

10:09 pm  Scott Burnside: Comox Valley sends Jeff Frazze to North Bay for Vincent Trocheck and Victoria’s 2014 second rd pick.

10:15 pm  Barry Melrose: Less than two hours til the deadline!

10:17 pm  Barry Melrose: Parise said to be almost emotionally drained by this process. Probably a fair bit of frustration as well.

10:20 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Told Detroit has made another trade! Another with Twin City…

10:25 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Twin City sends Mark Owuya and a 2012 second rd pick to Detroit for Matt Carle.

11:15 pm  Scott Burnside: Lots of chatter right now with less than an hour to go. You can feel the rush.

11:30 pm  Bob McKenzie: Update on Oshawa City, they’re getting close to a deal, but nothing final yet (told by member of mgmt staff).

11:39 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Toronto among contenders still trying to acquire Parise/Sharp/Crawford. Many different offers considered, but the glimmer of hope in Toronto for a Parise trade is quickly fading in the final minutes.

11:42 pm  Barry Melrose: May be too late, but is there a late charge for one of those studs!? Will anyone pay the price? Buckle up.

11:48 pm  Scott Burnside: Source tells me Parise and Crawford are staying in Oshawa City… Patrick Sharp going to Hamilton!

11:50 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Earl McNeill confirms via text that Parise and Crawford are staying put. Sharp has been dealt to the Firestorm. Waiting for details…

11:52 pm  Pierre Lebrun: Oshawa City sends Patrick Sharp and MA Gragnani to Hamilton for Duncan Keith and Ales Hemsky.

11:54 pm  Barry Melrose: Solid trade for both clubs.

11:57 pm  Scott Burnside: Three minutes left…

11:59 pm  Bob McKenzie: Last minute trade!! Manhattan sends Brunette, Holmstrom, and Arnott to Hamilton for a 2013 second round pick, Lestestu, and Rolston.

12:00 am  Pierre Lebrun: So….tired…..

12:01 am  Scott Burnside: Shocked that Deer Park and Buffalo did nothing, nada, squat. Both teams in position to make a run at the Cup. Thought something for the sake of change at least.

12:03 am  Barry Melrose: Was just told D Kimmo Timonen was told by Firestorm that he had been traded as he came off the ice after the game tonight. That’s how he found out.

12:05 am  Barry Melrose: The Firestorm had tweeted it before Timonen was told by the team, but AFHL players don’t have access to Twitter while they’re on the ice. Yet.

12:05 am  Bob McKenzie: Who are your deadline winners?

12:07 am  Scott Burnside: I think every trade benefited both sides. Everyone was a winner this year.

12:10 am  Pierre Lebrun: Agreed. I like what Hamilton, London, and Victoria did to help their playoffs/Cup chances.

12:15 am  Bob McKenzie: Busy day. Maybe not for fans expecting lots of trade action but chasing ghosts all day is hard work. Ha ha. Thanks to all the tweeps for tuning in.

Adolf Nipple

Adolf Nipple

Amazing Fantasy Hockey League Staff

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