NEW YORK — Anthony Furino announced plans Thursday for a 20-team fantasy hockey keeper league that plans to kick off in Summer 2009.

The AFHL will begin play in October 2009, Anthony Furino told a Manhattan news conference Thursday afternoon.

The A stands for amazing. “It will be amazing,” said AFHL executive Steve Stryska.

“Most importantly, the AFHL is going to be 100 percent fun,” Furino said.

There is an emphasis on fun. Stryska added that the AFHL will use News and Headlines and will also offer greater access to roster activities all year long.

He said rules would be adopted to accent faster play.

Several cities already have been selected for teams and more will be selected within 60-90 days, Stryska said.

The regular season will be played in the heart of fall and play on through winter and early spring. In the month of April, six teams will advance to a playoff round leading to a championship game.

Furino said the teams will be owned by a AFHL subsidiary and that general managers and coaches will be hired soon.

No television rights have been decided, although talks are being held with broadcast and cable networks.

Stryska said no franchises are immediately planned outside the United States, but that the AFHL will most likely expand into Canada and that Toronto would be among the cities considered.

Adolf Nipple

Adolf Nipple

Amazing Fantasy Hockey League Staff

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