Mustangs Begin Quest to Repeat

October 6th, 2010 Shortly before taking on the Victoria Vipers in Thursday night’s season opener, the London Mustangs will watch a Stanley Cup championship banner make its way to the rafters of their home ice arena. “When that happens you realize everything you accomplished last year is over with,” Rick Nash said of the banner-raising […]

Chiefs-Killers up the trash talking

December 14th, 2010 Theres a line for Fort Drum Killers GM Steven Stryska when it comes to trash talking. On Monday night, he felt Chiefs GM Mike Nellany crossed it during a Week 10 matchup with the Boston Giants. “He thinks because he won the award for Best Trash Talker last year, he can just say whatever he wants and get away with it,” said […]

All-Star Team Rosters Announced

January 18th, 2011 The AFHL will showcase its best and brightest on Jan. 30th in Vancouver at the Heroes’ home ice arena, as the American Conference will take on the Canadian Conference in the second annual AFHL All-Star Game. On Tuesday morning, the AFHL released the full rosters for both conferences and now it’s up to […]

It’s All About the Art of a Deal

February 21, 2011 As we wind toward the AFHL Trade Deadline on March 3rd, teams are usually sorted into two neat categories… Buyers: Contenders looking to shore up for the stretch run. Sellers: Teams looking to shed veterans to get younger – and presumably better – for the future. Why, you might ask, does everybody wait until […]

2011 AFHL Trade Deadline Coverage

5:00 am  Scott Burnside: Time to get our trade on. Busy day of activity coming? We’ll see. AFHL fans are anxious to find out. Let’s rock and roll. 6:15 am  Pierre Lebrun: Greetings all… Blackberry is going to explode! 6:27 am Barry Melrose: Woo! Trade Deadline 2011!! 6:27 am  Scott Burnside: Red Devils GM Jordan Carbone has been trying to pry Evgeni Malkin from Boston for […]

Chiefs-Killers ready to add another chapter to rivalry

February 28th, 2011 Almost everyone has read it, witnessed it, and knows about it: the vicious, heated rivalry between the Deer Park Chiefs and the Fort Drum Killers. The players hate each other, and so do the GMs. Another chapter of this storied rivalry will be written this week — the teams’ first meeting since […]

Chiefs vs. Killers matchup gets ugly

March 7th, 2011 It didn’t take long for the matchup between the Fort Drum Killers and Deer Park Chiefs to turn ugly. When the dust settled it was the Killers taking a 5-4 win in a fight-filled, trash-talking affair in their final matchup of the regular season. It was the stuff the 15,592 in attendance had in mind when […]