2024 AFHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Excitement Builds Around the League


March 25th, 2024

The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tonight and all eight arenas will be packed with fans for the next four weeks. In addition to the excitement that these playoffs bring, takes a look at some unique happenings in each arena and city that will make these playoffs even more special.

Boston Giants

See that flag waving up in the stands at the Giants’ home ice arena? The person waving it is famous or notable in Boston or beyond. Before every game, the Giants bring in someone important, whether it’s Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots or Pedro Martinez of the Red Sox, to serve as the flag captain. Who will wave the banners this year? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Manhattan Supermen

Tailgating remains a signature event for Supermen fans, but the warm weather and the Stanley Cup Playoffs take things to another level in Manhattan. Thousands of fans show up hours before a game to grill, set up street hockey nets and party. Even the Supermen players acknowledge that the tents, tunes and signs help dial up the excitement when they arrive at the arena.

Antigonish X-Men

Shortly after winning this year’s Presidents Trophy, it was announced that X-Men White-Out Street Parties are returning to the city of Antigonish. These special parties, free to the public, will be all around the exterior of the home ice arena and begin two hours before puck drop. It will feature food trucks, snacks and official X-Men merchandise. The events will also include giant TV screens on each side of the arena so fans can watch the games.

Laval Nomads

Nomads fans who have the official Laval Nomads app on their phones can participate in a multi-day scavenger hunt that includes different tasks and offers around the Laval region. This event will take place in the mornings of each Game Day and the winner of the scavenger hunt will receive a playoff prize pack including two lower-level tickets for a home playoff game, a Reverse Retro 2.0 jersey signed by the players, other autographed prizes and more items.

Buffalo Phantoms

Considering all the violence and vandalism from prior playoff appearances, police in Buffalo say they have the resources and planning in place to make sure celebrations are fun and legal as the Phantoms make their return to the playoffs. More than 160 stores, restaurants and other businesses on 17th Avenue have already been consulted by a police liaison officer in order to brief them on plans to keep the festivities from getting out of hand.

Shawinigan Vikings

Fans can join the Vikings Playoff Pep Rally each game day from 12pm-3pm on Main Street in Shawinigan. The event features Vikings activities, special, live performance by famous bands and singers such as Tate McRae, food and beverages, official Vikings Playoff yard signs and other playoff swag.

Westbury Royals

Officials say that the new tailgate area outside the Westbury home ice arena will be split up into separate viewing zones, with the zones closest to the arena being filled first. Royal Square will be closed to vehicle traffic for the duration of the post-season. Northern Boulevard will be closed between Royal Square and York Street when a Tailgate is being hosted. There will be a total of 23 food and beverage stations inside the tailgate area.

Rain City Bitch Pigeons

There is a new tailgate area outside the defending champions home ice arena as well. Named the “Tailgate Block Party”, community members and Pigeon fans are invited to participate in this unique block party prior to each playoff game. The block party is free to attend and will include music, activities, beer and wine. Lots of fans will also be grilling in their own tailgate spots after the team coordinated a lottery system to do so.


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