Washington Power end season with Cup parade

April 11th, 2011 Goaltenders Roberto Luongo and Tim Thomas stopped just about everything in the Stanley Cup playoffs. With thousands of jubilant fans celebrating the Power’s title last Thursday, they couldn’t stop their emotions. “I’ve had to wipe away a few tears,” Tim Thomas said. “This is why I play in Washington.” Three days after Washington raised the hallowed […]’s Million-Dollar Facelift

Monday, April 18th, 2011 The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League (AFHL), often called the most famous fantasy hockey league in the world, has begun it’s million-dollar renovation, it’s first in AFHL history. “The AFHL is moving full-speed ahead on it’s renovation to provide AFHL fans and GMs with the state-of-the-art website the greatest league in the world deserves” AFHL […]

Farm team roster limit increases

Free agency fireworks could start tonight @ midnight AFHL farm team roster limit will increase from 12 players to 23 players May 31st, 2011 The first thing to remember when shopping for diamonds in the free agency rough: the key to success in all hockey formats is carefully crafting a well-rounded team. The question is […]

New GMs are ready to trade

June 2nd, 2011 Call it whatever you want. A housecleaning. A makeover. A revamping. No matter how you slice it, the new GMs are usually the most active in making trades during the offseason so it should be interesting to see which of the four new GMs will be most trigger-happy in this offseason. “Not […]

Hasta la vista, Schmansky

New Mustangs GM gets fired on just the 11th day of his tenure June 10th, 2011 Tom Schmansky didn’t last a summer, let alone a winter, as coach and GM of the Mustangs franchise. Hired less than two weeks ago, Schmansky was abruptly fired Friday in his 11th day on the job. His legacy will be the shortest GM stint – […]

Awards Show Preview

July 23rd, 2011 After months and months of hard work, it’s time for the stars of the Amazing Fantasy Hockey League to kick back, relax and enjoy some time in Montreal. The League’s second annual awards show will take place in Montreal and it’s promising to be a grand event. The show is expected to […]

LIVE Play-By-Play Coverage of the 2011 AFHL Awards Show

July 31st, 2011 At last, we arrive at the coda of the 2010-11 AFHL season, the AFHL Awards. The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League will spend the next few hours cringing at Mike Meyers’ jokes, staring at just what Steven Stamkos is wearing (another shiny suit from the Puff Daddy collection?), and wondering how they could […]

The ‘Ray Way’

Ray Irwin found formula for success in the AFHL October 3rd, 2011 2010-11 was a fantastic season for the Washington Power whose Stanley Cup victory will rank as one of the greatest victories in AFHL history. In just a one year span, Washington went from the bottom of the league to the top, going from 17th place […]