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2013 Playoffs

4/25/2013: Lakehead celebrates Stanley Cup with parade and rally

4/22/2013: Lakehead Ice Holes win 2013 AFHL Stanley Cup!!

4/15/2013: Media Frenzy at the Finals

4/15/2013: 2013 AFHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview

4/14/2013: Exclusive footage of winners going to Finals

4/14/2013: Second Round Recap

4/8/2013: First Round Recap

4/1/2013: 2013 AFHL Playoffs Preview


2013 Regular Season

3/25/2013: Season’s final week should be a wild ride

3/7/2013: Live Coverage of the 2013 AFHL Trade Deadline

3/6/2013: 2013 Trade Deadline Preview

2/6/2013: Killers coach throws stick at player

1/28/2013: Surprise starts stealing early attention

1/19/2013: Firestorm ready to begin quest for repeat as champs


2012 Offseason

1/17/2013: The Trash Talking Begins

1/16/2013: Hockey is Back!!

7/29/2012: 2012 AFHL Awards Show After-Party (Live Chat)

7/29/2012: 2012 AFHL Awards Show


2012 Playoffs

4/6/2012: City of Hamilton celebrates Firestorm’s Stanley Cup win

4/2/2012: Finals Recap: Hamilton Firestorm win the 2012 AFHL Stanley Cup

3/26/2012: 2012 AFHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview: Hamilton vs. Buffalo

3/26/2012: Second Round Recap

3/19/2012: First Round Recap

3/12/2012: 2012 AFHL Playoffs Preview


2011-2012 Regular Season

3/5/2012: Tight AFHL Playoffs Race

2/29/2012: 2012 AFHL Trade Deadline Recap

2/21/2012: Christmas in February: The AFHL Trade Deadline Frenzy

1/30/2012: 2012 All-Star Game Recap

1/29/2012: 2012 AFHL All-Star Game Coverage

1/23/2012: AFHL announces coaches and players eligible for All-Star Game

1/16/2012: AFHL announces Buffalo as host of 2012 All-Star Game

1/2/2012: New Year’s Resolutions Around the AFHL

12/12/2011: Nellany draws first blood on eve of Chiefs/Killers rivalry matchup

12/6/2011: Trash talking leads to thrown punches in Toronto/Lakehead’s first matchup

10/6/2011: Season Preview – Around the League


2011 Offseason

10/3/2011: The Ray Way

7/30/2011: Live Play-by-Play Coverage of the 2011 AFHL Awards Show

7/23/2011: Awards Show Preview

6/10/2011: Hasta la vista, Schmansky

6/2/2011: New GMs are ready to trade

5/31/2011: Farm team roster limit increases

4/18/2011:’s Million-Dollar Facelift

4/11/2011: Washington Power end season with Cup parade



2011 Playoffs

4/3/2011: Stanley Cup Finals Coverage – Washington Power win Stanley Cup

3/28/2011: Finals Preview; GMs of Washington and Vancouver talk on AFHL Hour

3/27/2011: Second Round Playoffs Coverage

3/21/2011: First Round Playoffs Coverage

3/14/2011: 2011 AFHL Playoffs Preview


2010-2011 Regular Season

3/10/2011: Chiefs vs. Killers matchup gets ugly

3/7/2011: Chiefs-Killers ready to add another chapter to rivalry

3/3/2011: 2011 AFHL Trade Deadline Coverage

2/25/2011: It’s All About the Art of a Deal

1/31/2011: 2011 AFHL All-Star Game Coverage

1/18/2011: All-Star Team Rosters Announced

12/28/2010: New Year’s Resolutions for Each AFHL Team*

12/14/2010: Chiefs-Killers up the trash talking

10/17/2010: Live Blogging First Week Matchups in the AFHL*

10/6/2010: Mustangs Begin Quest to Repeat


2010 Offseason

9/16/2010: New rivalry formed between Heroes and Phantoms

9/6/2010: Live Play-by-Play Coverage of the 2010 AFHL Awards Show

8/10/2010: Dog Days of Summer; GMs Busy Trading in Offseason*

7/26/2010: 2010 AFHL Entry Draft Results*

7/15/2010: 2010 AFHL Entry Draft Lottery Results*

4/19/2010: Mustangs parade could be one of many for London


2010 Playoffs

4/16/2010: Stanley Cup Finals Coverage – Mustangs win the Stanley Cup

4/9/2010: Finals Preview; Who will take home the Cup?

4/8/2010: Second Round Playoffs Coverage

4/1/2010: First Round Playoffs Coverage

3/27/2010: The AFHL Stanley Cup chase begins


2009-2010 Regular Season

3/17/2010: Playoff race for 8th spot too close to call

3/10/2010: Talking AFHL Hockey with Gary Thorne

3/3/2010: 2010 AFHL Trade Deadline Coverage (Team-by-Team)

2/25/2010: Counting down to the AFHL Trade Deadline

2/15/2010: 2010 AFHL All-Star Game Results & Coverage

2/14/2010: Detroit revs up for 2010 AFHL All-Star Game

2/5/2010: Starting Lineups Announced for the 2010 AFHL All-Star Game

2/1/2010: Players eligible to play in the 2010 AFHL All-Star Game

1/20/2010: Heroes – Chiefs rivalry takes center stage

1/11/2010: AFHL’s Future is Bright – News Conference

12/30/2010: Power Rankings – 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

12/15/2009: Ringing in the ’09 Holiday Season with Gifts for Each AFHL Team


2009 Offseason

8/30/2009: The AFHL Draft – Full Results

8/20/2009: Chiefs – Heroes Rivalry Heating Up

8/1/2009: First Round Recap of the AFHL Draft

6/30/2009: The AFHL Draft Lottery Results

6/15/2009: Draft Lottery Date Announcement

6/1/2009: Anthony Furino Forming the AFHL


*Articles missing

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