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2013 Playoffs

4/25/2013: Lakehead celebrates Stanley Cup with parade and rally

4/22/2013: Lakehead Ice Holes win 2013 AFHL Stanley Cup!!

4/15/2013: Media Frenzy at the Finals

4/15/2013: 2013 AFHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview

4/14/2013: Exclusive footage of winners going to Finals

4/14/2013: Second Round Recap

4/8/2013: First Round Recap

4/1/2013: 2013 AFHL Playoffs Preview


2013 Regular Season

3/25/2013: Season’s final week should be a wild ride

3/7/2013: Live Coverage of the 2013 AFHL Trade Deadline

3/6/2013: 2013 Trade Deadline Preview

2/6/2013: Killers coach throws stick at player

1/28/2013: Surprise starts stealing early attention

1/19/2013: Firestorm ready to begin quest for repeat as champs


2012 Offseason

1/17/2013: The Trash Talking Begins

1/16/2013: Hockey is Back!!

7/29/2012: 2012 AFHL Awards Show After-Party (Live Chat)

7/29/2012: 2012 AFHL Awards Show


2012 Playoffs

4/6/2012: City of Hamilton celebrates Firestorm’s Stanley Cup win

4/2/2012: Finals Recap: Hamilton Firestorm win the 2012 AFHL Stanley Cup

3/26/2012: 2012 AFHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview: Hamilton vs. Buffalo

3/26/2012: Second Round Recap

3/19/2012: First Round Recap

3/12/2012: 2012 AFHL Playoffs Preview


2011-2012 Regular Season

3/5/2012: Tight AFHL Playoffs Race

2/29/2012: 2012 AFHL Trade Deadline Recap

2/21/2012: Christmas in February: The AFHL Trade Deadline Frenzy

1/30/2012: 2012 All-Star Game Recap

1/29/2012: 2012 AFHL All-Star Game Coverage

1/23/2012: AFHL announces coaches and players eligible for All-Star Game

1/16/2012: AFHL announces Buffalo as host of 2012 All-Star Game

1/2/2012: New Year’s Resolutions Around the AFHL

12/12/2011: Nellany draws first blood on eve of Chiefs/Killers rivalry matchup

12/6/2011: Trash talking leads to thrown punches in Toronto/Lakehead’s first matchup

10/6/2011: Season Preview – Around the League


2011 Offseason

10/3/2011: The Ray Way

7/30/2011: Live Play-by-Play Coverage of the 2011 AFHL Awards Show

7/23/2011: Awards Show Preview

6/10/2011: Hasta la vista, Schmansky

6/2/2011: New GMs are ready to trade

5/31/2011: Farm team roster limit increases

4/18/2011: TheAFHL.com’s Million-Dollar Facelift

4/11/2011: Washington Power end season with Cup parade



2011 Playoffs

4/3/2011: Stanley Cup Finals Coverage – Washington Power win Stanley Cup

3/28/2011: Finals Preview; GMs of Washington and Vancouver talk on AFHL Hour

3/27/2011: Second Round Playoffs Coverage

3/21/2011: First Round Playoffs Coverage

3/14/2011: 2011 AFHL Playoffs Preview


2010-2011 Regular Season

3/10/2011: Chiefs vs. Killers matchup gets ugly

3/7/2011: Chiefs-Killers ready to add another chapter to rivalry

3/3/2011: 2011 AFHL Trade Deadline Coverage

2/25/2011: It’s All About the Art of a Deal

1/31/2011: 2011 AFHL All-Star Game Coverage

1/18/2011: All-Star Team Rosters Announced

12/28/2010: New Year’s Resolutions for Each AFHL Team*

12/14/2010: Chiefs-Killers up the trash talking

10/17/2010: Live Blogging First Week Matchups in the AFHL*

10/6/2010: Mustangs Begin Quest to Repeat


2010 Offseason

9/16/2010: New rivalry formed between Heroes and Phantoms

9/6/2010: Live Play-by-Play Coverage of the 2010 AFHL Awards Show

8/10/2010: Dog Days of Summer; GMs Busy Trading in Offseason*

7/26/2010: 2010 AFHL Entry Draft Results*

7/15/2010: 2010 AFHL Entry Draft Lottery Results*

4/19/2010: Mustangs parade could be one of many for London


2010 Playoffs

4/16/2010: Stanley Cup Finals Coverage – Mustangs win the Stanley Cup

4/9/2010: Finals Preview; Who will take home the Cup?

4/8/2010: Second Round Playoffs Coverage

4/1/2010: First Round Playoffs Coverage

3/27/2010: The AFHL Stanley Cup chase begins


2009-2010 Regular Season

3/17/2010: Playoff race for 8th spot too close to call

3/10/2010: Talking AFHL Hockey with Gary Thorne

3/3/2010: 2010 AFHL Trade Deadline Coverage (Team-by-Team)

2/25/2010: Counting down to the AFHL Trade Deadline

2/15/2010: 2010 AFHL All-Star Game Results & Coverage

2/14/2010: Detroit revs up for 2010 AFHL All-Star Game

2/5/2010: Starting Lineups Announced for the 2010 AFHL All-Star Game

2/1/2010: Players eligible to play in the 2010 AFHL All-Star Game

1/20/2010: Heroes – Chiefs rivalry takes center stage

1/11/2010: AFHL’s Future is Bright – News Conference

12/30/2010: Power Rankings – 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

12/15/2009: Ringing in the ’09 Holiday Season with Gifts for Each AFHL Team


2009 Offseason

8/30/2009: The AFHL Draft – Full Results

8/20/2009: Chiefs – Heroes Rivalry Heating Up

8/1/2009: First Round Recap of the AFHL Draft

6/30/2009: The AFHL Draft Lottery Results

6/15/2009: Draft Lottery Date Announcement

6/1/2009: Anthony Furino Forming the AFHL


*Articles missing

The Amazing Fantasy Hockey League (AFHL) is a lifetime keeper fantasy hockey league that consists of 20 franchised teams, of which 10 are located in Canada, and 10 are located in the United States. The AFHL is in no way shape or form affiliated with the NHL or the NHLPA and all teams logos and players names are their property.